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While you might think that leaving her will break her down or allow you to get something over on her, that’s not the case. Sure, she will be devastated at first but you pushing her away is going to make her realize just how strong she is.

She isn’t the same person you expected her to be, she’s through losing you or seeing you pull away able to really come to terms with what she deserves and doesn’t deserve. She is strong and she will in time begin to see her worth. She didn’t deserve the treatment that you’ve given her and the more she sees that the stronger she becomes.

Sure, she might love you and she might want to make things work but she’s not going to let you walk all over her. You can’t just make her feel like shit every day and expect her to stick around. While you might not have broken up with her just yet, she feels you slipping away, and she’s not going to keep wasting her time.

When she realizes just how unappreciated she is in your eyes she will jump ship and do what is best for her. She has put up with a lot of things and she trusts you big time, but she also trusts herself and values her time and efforts. She’s not going to be taken advantage of for long and as soon as she catches onto you, she will cut ties and make sure that she’s able to heal on her own.

Don’t get me wrong, she is going to suffer before things get better. She’s going to deal with a lot of pain and struggle for a lot longer than she might expect to in the beginning but that’s fine because she will be perfectly alright. She will in time realize just how strong she is and stop doubting herself.

Sure, she will fight for you at first but as time passes she will become fed up. Whether you leave her or she leaves you going back to how things were when you were together will not happen. She won’t spend her life waiting around for you to come to terms with what has happened and beg for her back. She will move on and find someone who won’t make her feel the way that you did.

She is a very powerful woman, and she isn’t going to let you hold her back in life. Life is too short to waste time and effort on someone who doesn’t care about you properly. She knows this all too well. She would have given you the world and been there for you through everything this world threw your way, why didn’t you just treat her with respect? When all is said and done, this one was your loss on a serious level.

She’s going to be just fine but you’re going to regret the things you’ve done to her. Sure, it might not be something you realize right now but eventually, you’re going to miss her and it’s going to be too late. She’s not just a toy and you’re not allowed to play with her heart.