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While in this world as we move through life we tend to accumulate a lot of ‘things,’ those things don’t mean as much as we act as if they do. In the end, when we finally pass on and leave this planet our souls will not be capable of bringing those things into the next life.

Life is short and for some reason, we all put far more value on material things than we should. When we are finally at the end of our ropes and ready to ascend into whatever unknown is out there, we will not be bringing our gaming systems, computers, expensive couches, or other things of the sort with us to the grave. The only things we will be able to bring with us on any level into the next life or while reconnecting with the source are the connections we’ve made and the things our souls have absorbed overall. This meaning energies are all we’re capable of really holding onto in this regard.

While some people will think I am crazy for pointing this out, the memories we make are worth so much more than the things we use our credit cards to buy. We should all be working towards living our best lives not buying our best lives. Sure, money brings comfort but it won’t make you happy and it won’t complete you. Money is not capable of putting you where you need to be on your spiritual path, not genuinely. 

Your soul itself merges with a lot of things and people as you move through life. You merge with experiences, you merge through karmic connections, and you merge through growth on all possible levels. Those are the things we should all be working to focus the most on. When you’re lying in your deathbed preparing to take your last breaths you should be content in knowing that the energies you’ve faced in this world will be helping you to grow spiritually towards something much higher than most other people could ever imagine. 

When you come back to this planet you will be more progressed on your journey and closes to really attaining the higher form that you’ve always wanted to become. Instead of allowing the people around you to use you or chasing things that will never happen, do what your heart and soul are pushing you to do. Make the most of each day and really do your best to live as in the moment as you possibly can. Sure, we all still have responsibilities but embracing the life you’re building for yourself properly is important. 

The emotions you’ve felt, the connections you’ve made, the experiences you’ve faced all will be carried over with you to somewhere new. You on a conscious level might not be able to tap into them anymore but you will recognize a familiar soul when you see one. Bits and pieces of each life you’ve lived will flow through you with each new life you face.