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Destiny is a very strange and yet useful concept. It is the idea that everything we do happens for a reason, be it a preordained plan or the result of our own actions.

While some interpret destiny itself in a slightly different manner from others. To look into the things that might fall under ‘destiny’ as opposed to those that would not click here. It’s not as confusing as many make it out to be. Destiny serves a purpose and through understanding that we should all feel a bit more at peace.

In each of our lives as we manifest here on this planet there are people we will be destined to meet. These people were chosen long before we manifested onto this planet and were picked out by our soul-selves. We must cross paths with these people in order to grow and become the versions of ourselves that we need to be.

Some of these people will be temporary and others will stick by our side until we close our eyes at the end. When two souls are supposed to find one another there is no stopping it. No matter what outside influences come forth, they will always continue forward until they have come together.

Sure, they may face setbacks but everything will fall into place when the time is right. Support from the universe is a very powerful driving force. Some people fated to come before us will be kindred spirits, twin flames, and soul connections. These all vary in a number of ways.

For those who may be a bit confused, soul connections are soul friends, soulmates, and usually soul family. These people can be romantic partners or simply people we are very close with. They teach us things and help us get through some of the worst parts of our lives and in some cases bring us down so that we can grow. The soulmate is going to be the one you spend a lot of time with but even though they are connected with you on a soul level that does not mean the two of you will end up together forever, sometimes our paths are just not aligned to support such.

Twin flames are similar in that way but are sometimes much more intense than the other kinds of connections you will read about here. They are relationships we find ourselves in with literal mirrors to our souls. They are meant to help better us so that we can do the soul-work we need to do. The way in which the twin flame works out is very dependent on where both parts are on their paths in this life.

You could be on the opposite end of the world and if destined to come into one another’s lives the universe would make it happen. You would both gradually make your way towards one another all the while unaware of what is to come. Now, my favorite out of these kinds of connections is that of the kindred spirit because it is often underestimated and in some cases forgotten about completely.

Kindred spirits are people who resonate on the same level as us. They are attracted to our energy, and we are attracted to theirs as well. They are not often very spiritual growth oriented but support us in ways we need. They come in many forms and while the weakest of these connects are still very important.

The universe has a plan whether you are aware of that plan or not. If it is time for you to come into someone’s life you will come into their life. When we are in flow with the universe nothing is off limits. Our souls are aligned with the Divine and the Divine will provide for us in many ways.

The universe is in control of everything, it pushes and pulls us to where we need to be. In trusting the universe we are providing ourselves with much more than we could ever imagine.

Image via Wicked Soul 08