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In life, those who are overly empathic tend to fall behind for a number of reasons. Sure, it’s easy to get so caught up in the problems of others that you forget your own but there is more to it than just that.

There is a dark side to empathy that all empaths need to be aware of. This dark side can consume us if we don’t work to combat it properly. You see, as empaths, we tend to take on the emotions of others and feel as if they are our own. We face the problems others are having from a level that brings them to a place in our mind where we cannot close them off.

That being said, this means others often come to us for advice or a shoulder to cry on. We are there for everyone to release their burdens into and yet have no one we feel comfortable enough with to do the same. Being an empath is a blessing and a curse all at once as it does in many ways hold us back all the while allowing us to benefit the people around us.

Being empathic overall can be quite overwhelming and leave you unable to move forward. It can place you in a much more sensitive mindset and keep you from dealing with your own emotional turmoil. It’s like you’re being forced to feel so negatively all the time and having one solid positive day is impossible.

Being empathic is mentally exhausting and can drain us quickly. While it seems like empaths have it all together they are actually carrying the weight of what feels like the whole world on their shoulders. They are dealing with more than you could ever imagine. Rather than experiencing the things one person is experiencing, they are experiencing the things many people are and are unable to close themselves off from it.

When it comes to being able to overcome the ways in which being empathic roots us in the past you have to learn how to put yourself first. Being an empath and focusing on your own needs at the same time is not easy but the harder you work at it the more you will be able to do it. Set boundaries with the people around you and stop allowing everyone to use you as an emotional dumping ground.

Letting go and working to process your own emotions will bring you closer to where you need to be in your own mind. While separating the things that belong to you and the ones that don’t is hard, you can do it. You are going to face a lot of pain as you grow older and knowing how to let go of pain that does not belong to you will allow you to truly hold a proper sense of strength as time passes.

To learn more about empaths please take the time to check out the video below. Empaths are amazing people but they go through a lot. Not everything is always as it seems.