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For some reason, a lot of people in this world who hurt other people seem to like it. They enjoy beating others down and as a result, they move on quickly when they’ve left you destroyed in their wake.

This in itself is not something you should obsess over because no matter how hard you wish you could change other people, you can’t. If someone is still able to go about their lives and move on without issue after having completely turned your whole world upside down, they don’t deserve your efforts to get even because they’re not worth your time. These people are the lowest of the low and any thoughts you give them are more than they could ever be worthy of.

As human beings, we tend to hide a lot of what we’re feeling inside and while you might feel like you’re dying right now you will rise back up from the ashes of this situation and be stronger for having experienced it. That person who tore you apart was no person at all, he or she was truly evil and that kind of energy in this world is not something we can just keep trying to reinvite back into our lives. Take some time to heal and really mourn the loss of what you thought you had with that person before finding yourself properly.

When you bounce back from this and move on you are putting that person in their place without having to say a word. You are flourishing despite the chaos they brought into your life and finding ways to work through it. They cannot ruin you and you are so much more powerful than they could have ever imagined you were.

While it might not seem like much now, while you’re suffering but in time you will come to understand exactly what I am talking about. Abuse on any level is not acceptable and you will learn to cut ties with those who wish to do you harm through the experiences you’re having right now. Just because someone shows you attention and tries to weasel their way into your life doesn’t mean you have to give in, period.

You are better than that and you will in the future make people prove that they deserve to be in your life. They will give to you the efforts you give to them and this struggle and power dynamic won’t be in the mix. You will both be on the same page and everything will flow naturally.

Instead of fighting hard to make things work, they’ll already be right where you want them to be. Sure, that might sound like a fairytale now but in time you will realize how true it is for you and your reality. You’re capable of so much more than you know and in time that will become quite apparent.

You’re amazing and you will come out on top in the end, believe in yourself above all else.