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Sure, life can be a serious struggle sometimes but even at our lowest points we can become better and do better. Getting through the sad moments will prepare you for all the happiness to come.

Whether you’re feeling defeated, rejected, broken, or any mixture of negative emotions you can get through them. Life is no walk in the park and there are going to be days, weeks, and sometimes months where you have no clue what is going on or where you need to go from where you are but those are the moments in which we truly find ourselves. You cannot expect every single moment of every single day to be filled with joy. If you never experienced the bad, the good would not be as good.

You are going to fail and you are going to fall, these things are all a part of life. Sometimes you’re going to feel like you have no one to turn to and other times you really might not have anyone to turn to. At the end of the day, you have to be as strong as you can to get through the issues before you. You will be betrayed and you will face heartbreaks time and time again, in this world, nothing lasts forever.

Bad things sometimes happen to those who have done nothing to deserve them so don’t be too hard on yourself. In a few years, you’ll be back on top and feeling great. You will be able to look back on all you’ve been through and say that you made it out on the other end safe and sound. The bad things will only make up a small percent of the bigger picture once all is said and done.

Stop comparing your life and your situations to those of other people. Everyone is going through their own issues. Just because you cannot see their pain does not mean they do not have any of their own. Even in the worst moments, you should do your best to remain grateful for all you have. Your situation is not going to be as it is currently for the rest of your life. If you take the initiative to get where you want to be you will find yourself there quicker than you might think.

“In the process of helping others, I helped myself. In acting out of my own brokenness I became whole again. It’s the kind of strength and determination you find when you have hit rock bottom and you realize you could die right now – and want to, but realize that even death won’t make the difference you were hoping for.”
― Christina Engela, Blachart

When you feel like nothing is going right remember that change begins within and that each thing we go through is a lesson that can and should be learned. The end is never truly the end, each time something comes to a head we are faced with a new beginning and headed through a door that has only just been opened. You can be the change you want to see in your life. Dwelling on the negative will not do you or anyone else any good.

When everything is a mess and you are at your worst and ready to give up, don’t. Hold your head up high and make plans for the future. Get yourself out of the rut you’re in and build the life you have always wanted. Once you’ve hit bottom there is nowhere to go but up and you should never allow that thought to leave your mind.

Remind yourself as often as you need to that you are amazing and powerful. You were placed in this world to do great things and that is exactly what you will do. This moment in time is just a stepping stone towards something enormous.