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Strong mothers are some of the most important people in our lives. While a lot of people do not realize this, strong mothers are quite abundant in this world.

Strong mothers are something you will find often in this world and yet for some reason they don’t get the recognition that they deserve. They help us become the best possible versions of ourselves, prepare us for the real world, and take care of us in all the ways they need to and yet we forget to say thank you. If you have a strong mother you are also as a result strong yourself. She has instilled something in you that other people will be quite jealous of.

She has shown you that standing your ground is important and taught you that the people in your life do not define you. She showed you how to stand on your own two feet and not to take any shit from the world itself. She might not have everything figured out as a whole but she’s got a lot going in her mind and she always holds your best interests above everything else in this life.

She helps you grow and pushes you to always do the right thing. She might sometimes be a bit frustrating and get under your skin but she does that for all the right reasons. She wants you to have values and think for yourself. She isn’t the kind of mother that just lets you do whatever you want but she also isn’t the kind of mother that refuses to let you express who you are.

She is the person you can go to when you need a shoulder to cry on and she’s the person who will be there when everyone else has jumped ship. The more time you spend with her the more apparent her place in your life will come. She’s not like anyone else you’ve met in this world, she’s someone that will care for you until she no longer can.

Sure, sometimes she might come off a bit harsh and she might not always know what she should be saying but she tries harder than any other mother in this world. She tries to keep you happy, to make sure you have all you want, to really be there for you in the ways you need her. She’s not going to abandon you when times get hard and as a result of growing up under her wings, you too are someone who will be there for the people who need you the most.

You will care about those in your life, do your best to make every issue you cause right, and really take a stand for the people who can’t take stands for themselves. She as your mother has taught you to be the person that always works hard and makes sure that everyone is taken care of. You’re kind, full of growth, and more than ready to take on the world as a result of your upbringing and that’s magical.

Not everyone gets to grow up with someone as amazing in their lives as you do/did. Appreciate your mother and make sure she knows how important she was/is to your development. She really did help shape you in more ways than you may realize.