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The position that you fall asleep in can say a lot about your personality and how you regard yourself. And when you start sleeping with another person, the way you choose to share your bed with your significant other can say a lot about your relationship.

According to psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists; the positions we lie in with another can tell us a lot about their state of affairs.

The Spoon



Spooning is an intimate act that shows that you are very close to one another. And not only are you close, you also are more trusting with one another than most other couples. You can feel vulnerable around one another and are both completely fine with

The Loose Spoon


Those who sleep in a ‘loose spoon’ position are very supportive of one another. No matter what trials and tribulations come your way, you can handle anything together.

The Chase


When one partner is pursuing another to spoon, it is likely that the partner being pursued either wants to be chased or is playing hard to get.

The Tangle


Due to the intimacy involved in the tangle, it is often depicted in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of a relationship, or directly after being physical. Older couples that continue to sleep this way are truly and entirely attracted to their mates and yearn for close connection. 

The Unraveling Knot

This is basically when the tangle ends early. While a couple may start off in this position, after a few minutes the two may separate and sleep a part. This is actually a sign of romantic strength, according to Dr. Sweet.

The Liberty Lovers


More established couples commonly enjoy sleeping in this position. While the two remain connected, they are further apart than other positions. You may not be touching, but due to your mutual independence, this isn’t a bad thing. 

The Back Kissers


The back kissers lay with their lower backs pushed together. This is a sign of connection and independence that means you appreciate your own space, but still, want to be touching your partner.

The Nuzzle


The nuzzle is a protective position that indicates that your partner wants you to feel secure. However, it also indicates that they feel secure enough with you and close enough to you to feel the urge to secure you.

The Leg Hug


If you find your partner rubbing their foot against yours, this is a sign of physical attraction. It says “I can’t get enough of you,” even if you are both sleeping.

The Space Hog

The space hog is when one partner takes up the majority of the bed. It can be an indicator that your partner is selfish, especially if you find that you are constantly being pushed off the bed. You may have to have a talk with your partner if you find yourselves in this situation frequently.

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