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What if I told you that your zodiac sign, or at least the one you know best is actually not your zodiac sign? The thing is, it probably isn’t right, but the correct one isn’t hard to discover, and know it will change your life.

If you have never heard of your rising or ascendant sign, you have only dipped into understanding why astrology is so accurate. While our Sun signs can tell us quite a bit about ourselves, we also have other signs for the Moon, Virgo, Mercury, etc., and our ‘rising’ sign. This sign depicts how other’s perceive us and how we appear to everyone.

Are you an exhibitionist, telling the world every little detail, or are you more reserved and on the quiet side? Depending upon which sign you are under in this category, you will begin to see that there is quite a lot in knowing what your rising sign is. Sometimes, your sun sign and a rising sign will be the same, but if someone has also told you that you have traits of another sign, then this could be why.

Sometimes, our sun sign may be Capricorn, but we act and express yourself in such a way that is a Sagittarius. In this case, your rising sign may be the Sagittarius, or it could be something different and in its own way actually more fitting.

And not only does the rising sign explain how others perceive us, but it also sets our orientation in life. Do you have characteristics of a Libra, but love to travel and can’t stand to be in one place for long? Then you may be a rising Sagittarius, Sun Libra.

As someone who has always claimed to enjoy astrology and other forms of divination, I was shocked when I pulled my natal chart and saw how many different signs I was. I was even more shocked that while I am almost spot on Libra, I have varying traits, most of which happen to be Sagittarius.

While you’d have to be an astrologist to make a report for yourself, or at least have the help of one, you can use a calculator online. In order to get the most accurate results, however, you must know your time of birth, location, and the date (of course.) If you are unsure of the time, it could throw it off, as they change every two hours.

If you haven’t already, check out, which provides accurate reports quite quickly. Find your ascendant sign, and then google what your ascendant means. Was it different than your sun sign? And the even better question: how spooked were you if yours was different? Let us know in the comments. Follow this link here for the calculator.