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While Palmistry is not something tons of people do here in the western world, it has been throughout the years been gaining popularity with good reason. Our hands can reveal a lot more than most realize and coming to understand that will open things up for you tremendously.

Have you ever stopped to look at your hands, are your palms cracked and full of different crevices? Those things are present for different reasons and each line on your palm can reveal something important to you if you’re willing to break things down properly. I know, it might sound odd to some but if you want to get to know yourself better, Palmistry is a great means of accomplishing exactly that.

 Now when it comes to Palmistry more often than not when it comes to reading you’re going to go with the person (or yours if you’re reading yourself) dominant hand. Some people have dominant right hands and others dominant lefts but that doesn’t mean some people can’t have both that are quite dominant. Once you’re looking at your hand you’re going to see a lot of different lines but there are a few major ones you should always take to first. 

As you can see in the image below, there are specific lines with specific names, pay close attention to your heart line, head line, life line, and fate line before diving into anything else. Your life line will reveal how long you will live or at least give a good idea of such and the others all hold different meanings as well. For instance, your head line reveals your intuitive abilities and things of that nature.

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Below I am going to break down some things beginners should take the time to understand about these different lines and from there we can dive into a few smaller things as well. While some of this might seem confusing, once you get the hang of things it will become quite easy moving forward. Palmistry is complex, yes, but it is also pretty easy to follow.

Fate Line 

Not everyone is going to have a fate line but if you do have one, it will show us more about your career and goals in life. Basically, it shows us where you’re headed. It should stretch from the wrist to the middle finger and sometimes will cross with the lifeline a bit depending on the person.

Heart Line 

This line is one that can be found stretching aros the hand under the fingers as you can see in the image above. It shows us things about your love life and perhaps where your heart is headed. While it might not always be a positive reading, understanding this line can lead you down a very interesting well worth it path.

Head Line 

This interesting line will be found just under the heart line and is often also referred to as the wisdom line. This one runs across the palm and shows us how your mind works. If there are things going on in your mind, this line will help bring those things to light.

life line 

This line is the one that most people already know how to spot whether they know much about Palmistry or not. It is the line that extends from the crease of the thumb down. For some people, it goes all the way down and for others, it is cut short. This line helps show us things about our health and life as a whole, it shows us if we will live a long time or perhaps nowhere near.

Now, when looking at these different lines you’re going to want to look for things like wrinkles crosses, and so forth. Those indicate different things about each line. If some lines are deeper than others that too should be taken into consideration. For instance, if your lifeline is deeper than most it means you are probably more balanced or stronger than you care to admit. 

To learn some of what your palm might have to say about you take the quiz below. While it might not look like much it reveals a lot. The more we look at our hands the more we can learn about who we are and where we are headed.