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While your sun sign is your ‘normal’ zodiac sign, you might be surprised to learn that you have a sign for each celestial body within reason. The different signs are broken down based on where the celestial beings where when we were born, and they can reveal a lot about each of us. 

Your moon sign, for instance, could be any of the 12 signs and is found by looking at where the moon was when you were brought into this world. You can find out what your moon sign is by generating a natal chart and in order to do that all you need is your birthdate, time, and location. If you need to generate your own birth chart/natal chart click here once you have those things ready. 

Your moon sign will give you a much better look at your life and experiences as a whole. You will come to understand why you handle pain as you do through it and perhaps even how your emotions affect you and why they do in the manner that they do. While this all might sound a bit out there, each of our signs represents different things in our lives and without bringing them all into consideration we’re not getting the full effect of anything.

Below I am going to go over each sign (one of which is your moon sign) and how these signs react to pain and work through it. Once you’ve got your natal chart generated and know what your moon sign is come back here and take a peek at the one that lines up with your chart. Do the things written align with you?

Aries Moon

As an Aries Moon, you face things that you’re afraid of quite easily. You don’t take sh!t from anyone and even when you’re unsure of something you keep your cool. You’re able to really put on a good show. 

Taurus Moon

As a Taurus Moon, you tend to have a lot on your mind and so pain is something you’re quite used to. You hide the negative things you feel and lock them away as best you can. While you should work through them, doing-so isn’t easy for you.

Gemini Moon

As a Gemini Moon, you really try hard to keep your feelings hidden. You regret a lot of things but don’t want other people aware of that. When it comes to pain for you, you are someone who only makes those who are involved in it aware of it.

Cancer Moon

As a Cancer Moon, you are someone who flies off the handle when you’re hurt. You do crawl back and allow those who hurt you to do it over and over again but you always make a big deal about it regardless. You’re conflicted big time and it shows. 

Leo Moon 

As a Leo Moon, you’re almost always ready for war. You know your worth and know that letting the pain others try to inflict on you get to you isn’t a good idea. You close yourself off and shut that sh!t down quickly.

Virgo Moon

As a Virgo Moon, you tend to use your emotions to get in better positions. You’re a bit more manipulative than you want to lead on. When someone hurts you, you tend to get back at them tenfold whether they deserve that or not. This is in many ways one of your biggest faults. 

Libra Moon

As a Libra Moon, you let too much get you down. You are affected by things that most would not be and it really makes you much weaker as a result. You while sensitive and always finding a reason to beat yourself up also do tend to see the good in most situations but only within reason.

Scorpio Moon

As a Scorpio Moon, you let pain make you stronger but you also don’t deal with emotions well. You let the people who hurt you keep doing it no matter what and you’re never the kind of person to cut ties. You will allow someone to remain in your life for years even after they’ve broken you down and that’s a big problem.

Sagittarius Moon

As a Sagittarius Moon, you aren’t usually the one getting hurt but when you do get hurt you play it up. You pretend that you’re feeling worse than you are and do your best to make the people who upset you feel bad. You’re easily the best manipulator of the zodiac.

Capricorn Moon

As a Capricorn Moon, you are always getting worked up over things you shouldn’t be getting worked up about. You are much more reactive than most other signs and tend to be a bit violent in that sense. Working through your emotions without all of that would serve you well. 

Aquarius Moon

As an Aquarius Moon, you really struggle to keep your mind in check. When you’re hurting you always see every possible situation to come. You can’t turn your mind off and really just let yourself calm down which is a big problem for you.

Pisces Moon

As a Pisces Moon, you are always feeling a bit emotional. You tend to overdo it and while you put it to good use when it comes to your creativity other people don’t understand it and how you’re able to handle it so well. You hold yourself high even when you don’t feel like you should be doing-so.