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While we all know about our sun signs not many people stop to consider the fact that we have many other ‘zodiac’ signs. We have a sign for each celestial body that can be found on our natal charts. 

A natal chart is a chart generated based on the time, place, and date of your birth. This chart shows where each celestial body was the moment you were born and from this, you get things like your sun sign, moon sign, mercury sign, and so forth. The deeper you dig into what is present on your natal chart the more you really get to know yourself. 

This article is going to go over moon signs and what they mean for each of us. To see what your moon sign is take the things listed above and click here to generate your natal chart. Once you know what your moon sign is please feel free to check below to see what that sign in itself brings to the table about you. Sure, it might not seem like much at first glance but the more you dive into it the more you begin to see.

(If you don’t feel like taking the time to go over your whole natal chart you can click here for just your moon sign)

Aries Moon

As an Aries moon, you are very confrontational. You do not like to be lied to and are always willing to fight for the truth. You feel things on a very deep level but also don’t want the people around you to see it. You in many ways are quite the softie but you struggle to show that side of yourself to those who care for you the most.

Taurus Moon

As a Taurus moon, you are someone that goes out of your way to be there for the people you care for. You never struggle with reliability and are always on time. You are quite emotional and usually pretty scared of the unknown. The people around you might be scared of you sometimes, but they know that they can always count on you.

Gemini Moon

As a Gemini moon, you are very relationship-oriented. You love to be around people who care about you and do your best to keep your circle pretty big. You like to be the center of attention and usually can’t stand when things don’t go your way. I guess in a lot of ways it’s clear that you’re pretty quirky in some of the best possible ways.

Cancer Moon

As a Cancer moon, you are someone who is always looking for connections in the people you meet. You love being there for the people in your life but also tend to put all of your eggs in the wrong baskets. You hurt those who are there for you and baby those who stab you in the back and this is a big problem for you.

Leo Moon

As a Leo moon, you are not the best at dealing with stress and intense emotions. Sure, you’re quick to put on a happy face and usually excited about doing new things but you don’t really let the good in life sink in. You are always worried about something even though you’re not the best at making it known.

Virgo Moon

As a Virgo moon, you are quite the jerk. You always make sure that the people around you are those you can grow from and through. You don’t like to work through your own challenges and usually force someone else into helping you. While you have your moments, people tend to try to distance themselves from you for a few different reasons.

Libra Moon

As a Libra moon, you are not the most reliable person to be around. You usually lose track of who you are and let go of people relatively quickly. You are a very intense person who seeks to accomplish a lot in life but you don’t know how to get where you want to be. You’re a mess at best.

Scorpio Moon

As a Scorpio moon, you are romantic and kind overall but also very two-sided when it comes to settling down. You might want a relationship but you also want to have your fun. You’ve got a lot to work on within yourself above all else.

Sagittarius Moon

As a Sagittarius moon, you are a very confusing individual. You are always trying new things and making changes in your life to the point where most people aren’t sure who you really are. You hide your feelings and place hopes in the wrong places. This really needs to stop.

Capricorn Moon

As a Capricorn moon, you are someone that takes a lot from others. You do not realize that the people around you are their own beings and so you become far too attached. In many cases, you hold yourself too highly and end up wanting to accomplish things that no one could ever accomplish. You really need a reality check.

Aquarius Moon

As an Aquarius moon, you are very open and willing to listen to the people in your life. You are a very free person who likes to distance himself or herself from drama. The more you get to know someone the harder it is for you to really understand them and this is something that throws a lot of people off track.

Pisces Moon

As a Pisces moon, you are very empathetic. You are very creative and always working on something but also never finishing anything at all. You start things but never follow through and are a mess at best.