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Your little finger also known as your pinky finger might be able to reveal more about you than you realize. If you’ve ever dove into something like palmistry, you know that everything about our hands tells a story.

Each finger when it comes to palmistry is associated with a specific planet and the little finger itself is associated with Mercury which is ruled over by Hermes the God of Communication. This meaning our pinky fingers can reveal a lot in that area of our lives. I know, it might sound silly but the more you dive into it the more sense it makes.

Look at your little finger and compare it to the others in the image, does it come above or below the joint of your middle finger? Is it about even? Yes, this matters. Once you’ve figured that out you can take a look at what it could mean for you below.

If Your Pinky Is Lower

If your little finger is much lower than your ring finger’s top knuckle then chances are you’re someone who tends to take things far too deeply. You are an emotional wreck more often than not and it shows. That being said, you care far more for the people who matter in your life than you want to admit to yourself and that is a beautiful thing in a lot of ways.

If Your Pinky Is Even/Aligned

If your little finger is lined up pretty well with your joint to the middle finger on the top then you’re likely someone who is always trying to think outside of the box and show the world who you truly are. You are very expressive and emotionally you’re a bit unique, to say the least. You show things in your own ways and those who matter to you know this all too well. That being said, sometimes you are a bit over the top with your anger and it throws everything out of whack.

If Your Pinky Is Higher

If your little finger is higher than the joint of your middle finger you’re probably someone that loves to show out and rebel. You’re always trying to stand out be it in a bad way or a good way. You do not know how to be alone and when you’re forced to spend time with yourself you shut down. This isn’t good and you really need to work on getting more comfortable with who you are as a person.