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Most people think of astrology and immediately think of the typical zodiac that is most commonly used in the West. However, there are many other forms of astrology, including Celtic astrology.

The Celtics or Celts were very big nature lovers. Much of their traditions, mythology, and folklore are tied to the natural world. Even their astrology is based on the lunar cycles, which separates it from most modern astrology beliefs.

Each sign in the Celtic zodiac is a natural being or animal, and the qualities and characteristics are very spot on. Much like spirit animals, these signs are based on the belief that certain animals are correlated to the behaviors of man.

What is your sign? Look below and see what your Celtic zodiac sign is and what it stands for in your personality.

The Stag (December 24- January 20)

The Stag or the deer is a sign that is considered to be very loyal and honest. They are noble signs, who are extremely big supporters of the people they love. They are patient, meticulous, and never give up on what they aspire for.

The Cat (January 21- February 17)

Those who fall under the cat are considered to be unique individuals who dance to the beat of their drum. They are highly intuitive and see things from a different perspective. Oftentimes, they are considered to be revolutionary thinkers.

The Adder (The Snake) (February 18- March 17)

The snake is a very intelligent sign and a natural communicator. They are good at rallying people up for a common cause and are highly observant. Because they can also be very unpredictable- they can sometimes have a dark side. They don’t like to be disagreed with, or when things don’t go their way.

The Fox (March 18- April 14)

The fox is extremely cunning and sly. They are organized and detail-oriented and can see things in a way that others cannot. Because of this, they give great advice and make amazing partners.

The Cow (April 15- May 12)

The cow is a very practical individual. They are stable and reliable and can see right through a lie. They don’t too much care for change, and when they feel like they are being pushed, they can be quite moody.

The Seahorse (May 13-June 9)

The seahorse is a very open-minded sign. They are very understanding and can see things from many different perspectives. They are also very loving and affectionate, which makes them extremely likable. Most people find comfort in their presence.

The Wren (June 10-July 7th)

Wrens are extremely optimistic individuals who are always trying to see things from a point of gratitude. They truly love others with all of their heart and make the best friends and partners. And even though they are naturally caring individuals, they don’t mind spending time to themselves.

The Horse (July 8- August 4)

Those who are considered horses are extremely strong individuals. They are naturally competitive and like to be the center of attention. Additionally, they can be very headstrong and aren’t likely to stand down even when they are wrong.

The Salmon (August 5- September 1)

Those who fall under the Salmon are very introverted. They tend to stay to themselves and are very spiritually attuned. They are highly intuitive and oftentimes creative. They love all things centered around art and have a unique perspective on the world around them.

The Swan (September 2- September 29)

Swans come off to others as having it all together, and for good reason, because they are very meticulous. They enjoy the finer things in life and have an eye for beauty. Oftentimes, people believe them to be detached, however, they are quite loving.

The Butterfly (September 30- October 27)

Butterflies are gentle and loving individuals, who thrive on change. They spend a lot of time in contemplation and are deep thinkers and dreamers. Hey are also extremely empathetic and great people to have standing in your corner.

The Wolf (October 28-November 24)

Have you ever heard of the lone wolf? That should give you some insight into the Wolf persona. Those who are wolves are very loyal to the people they love most, but they are also very particular about who they let in. If a wolf invites you into their pack, you are extremely special to them.

The Hawk (November 25- December 23)

Hawks are perhaps the most determined of the Celtic zodiac. When they set their sights on something, they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Conversely, if they don’t currently have their eyes set on something, they tend to float around, waiting on something or someone to captivate them.