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There is a lot going on in all of our lives and while we have to face our battles in our own ways that doesn’t mean that our anxieties don’t sometimes get the best of us. Our anxieties don’t stem through for no reason and right now if you’re feeling more anxious than usual, it could be the result of a message you’re refusing to hear out. 

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and what the anxious thoughts of those who belong to each could be revealing to them. We all face anxiety and on a core level, it happens for a reason. Being aware of that reason and how it relates back to you can be crucial moving forward. While your Sun sign might not be the most anxious out of the 12, that doesn’t mean you’re not being offered a lesson or a hand of guidance in some form.


Your anxious thoughts are trying to make it known that you’re taking on too much right now. You’re always doing so much for the people around you and trying to make sure you’re constantly progressing that you’re allowing your own needs to fall behind. If you don’t take care of yourself you can’t be there for the people you want to be there for properly, you need to keep that in mind moving forth.


Your anxious thoughts want you to know that you’re at a point in your life where you’ve bitten off a lot more than you can chew and you’re no longer sure of yourself. While you are someone who takes great pride in how predictable you are the tables have turned. You have to work to find balance otherwise things will remain as they are for longer than you’re expecting them to.


Your anxious thoughts are in this moment wanting you to realize just how closed off you are. You’re isolating yourself to a serious point that could shut you down in the long-run. You have to be willing to let other people in, the less you connect the more trapped you will become within.


Your anxious thoughts are driving you up the wall lately. You’re feeling as though you’re stuck and the person you are most interested in doesn’t care for you properly. If you don’t start focusing on yourself, you’re going to end up feeling very disappointed as time passes.


Your anxious thoughts have you trying too hard to protect the people around you. If you want any real kind of progress to be made you need to let go of the sheltering mindset you’re stuck in. You need to do what you can but don’t stress about the things you are not in control of which for you is something you find quite complicated.


Your anxious thoughts are making you feel quite rejected even though you haven’t been rejected. This is holding you back and keeping you from putting yourself out there. Perhaps you need to think things through and try to go a different route.


Your anxious thoughts are going to have you obsessing more and more with each passing day. Your mind is running constantly and you can’t seem to turn it off. This is because you’re not picking up on something you really need to see. Perhaps you need to try a new perspective.


Your anxious thoughts have you wondering when the person you care for the most is going to cross your boundaries. You are struggling with trust and there has to be a reason behind this. Perhaps a little snooping is in order.


Your anxious thoughts are going to make you want to forgive but also refuse to allow you to forget. You through this are going to highlight balance in your life. If you don’t find balance, happiness won’t be possible.


Your anxious thoughts have you wondering why everyone in your life seems to want to push your buttons lately. This is a sign that you should stop being a punching bag. Really break free and hold your own, it will do you a lot more good than you might be expecting.


Your anxious thoughts are going to bring you to a place in your life where you’re giving in to the negativity around you. Rather than allowing this to overwhelm you perhaps, you should focus on where it’s coming from. Is there something you need to work through?


Your anxious thoughts will have everyone on your last nerve in the coming days. Maybe you need some time to yourself. Allow your creative juices to flow on your own and don’t let people weasel their way into your personal space.