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We all have our own struggles and depending on your zodiac sign you might be struggling with much more than others once the year 2019 rolls around. We are at the end of 2018 and should all be working to prepare ourselves for what might be to come.

Below I am going to go over the struggles you might be facing in 2019. While not all of these will last throughout the whole year, they will really get to you on a deeper level. Overcoming these struggles will really bring out the best in each and every one of us.


You will be struggling to get where you want for once. While you normally work hard and make achievements things are not going to be paying off like they usually do. This whole year is going to serve as a reminder that you are really going to need to push the limits from time to time.


You will be struggling to really find something you’re passionate about during the year 2019. You are going to be letting your stubbornness get the best of you and really overthinking things. During this year you really need to let go and be yourself.


You will be struggling with love. While you might be gentle and kind in general you are going to be feeling very frustrated towards people that you really care about. You don’t know how to move forward in the world of romance and aren’t sure what you want. This whole year is going to consist of you getting yourself in order and working on your heart.


You are going to be struggling with really being consistent during 2019. You have been for far too long giving too much of yourself to those who do not deserve your time. Now that things have gotten to this level you are about to fall apart. Find your own sense of stability and stop doing everything for everyone.


You are going to be struggling to stay in the spotlight during 2019. While you normally like being around other people and want attention from everyone this year is going to be very different. You are going to be spending a lot of time finding yourself and you might not like what you find. People are going to be seeing your true colors and working on their own issues, they aren’t ignoring you for no reason.


You are going to be struggling all throughout 2019 in regards to getting things done. You have been in a funk for quite some time now and you are going to have to figure out something that will help you get where you need to be. Remember to take care of yourself and push yourself as best you can, if you don’t at least try nothing will happen.


You are going to be struggling to stand up for yourself. The more people bring you down the lower your voice becomes. You are someone that thinks things over too much and it is something you have to work on. If something needs to be said, say it. Don’t keep holding back and waiting until it’s too late.


You are going to be struggling financially. You are going to be hit with a rough patch and serious decisions will have to be made. In the end, everything will work out but you have to spend a lot of time really thinking things through. The more you think about what needs to be done the more apparent it will become.


You are going to be struggling with keeping promises and getting things done. You are too flighty for your own good and it is now time to get that situated. There are people in your life who need you. Stop being so unreliable.


You are going to be struggling with trust during the course of 2019. You are going to be betrayed by someone you have known for a long time and everything is going to change. While this person used to be someone you thought would always have your back he or she is changing right now and you need to begin looking out for the signs.


You are going to be struggling with forgiving others. You are the kind of person that seems to refuse to let go these days and it is doing a lot of damage to your heart. This year is going to force you to overcome that whether you want to or not.


You are going to be struggling to find a sense of inner strength. You have gone through a lot in the past few months and are at your lowest in a number of ways. The year to come will be all about finding your strength and building yourself back up. Do not give up on yourself, period.