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When it comes to dating and being in a relationship, in general, you have to be willing to both give and take. You can’t just take and expect things to work.

Love in itself is not enough to make a relationship last and if you want things to really go over well and your life with someone to pan out properly you must put in the work. We all have our faults and we all make mistakes but there are lots of things we can do to help ensure our romantic life is happy and healthy. Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and the biggest thing they tend to need to work on when it comes to their love lives. Don’t just read this and move along, let it really sink in.


As an Aries, you likely tend to let your partner take on more of the personal things than you’re willing to. You get far too caught up in work and as a result, your partner thinks that you don’t care. This is something you should without a doubt work on above all else.


Taurus people tend to be a bit more stubborn than they should without realizing it. If you’re a Taurus you should work on trying to be more open-minded and willing to see things from an outside perspective. Your partner shouldn’t always be the one meeting you on your side, you should both be compromising.


Geminis are usually a bit all over the place when it comes to figuring out what they want. This makes your partner question things a lot and makes him or her wonder if you’re actually content. You as a Gemini need to be direct and clear with your partner about what you want in your relationship if nothing else, don’t let them think you’re constantly slipping away when you’re not.


Because as a Cancer you’re extremely emotional and quick to give your heart away, you often fall for bad people. You in many ways need to stop overthinking small things and start looking at people’s actions more-so than just their words. People will tell you about a castle only to show you a shack, that’s just how it is.


As a Leo, you sometimes let your big head get the best of you. Things are not always about you, sometimes you need to be the one paying attention to others. Don’t let your partner feel as if he or she is falling through the cracks and unimportant to you.


You might want to as a Virgo try and be a little less critical of your partner. He or she is often going to feel attacked because of how you address things. You really need to think things through more before you actually let them come out of your mouth.


You tend to lash out big time when you’re angry which leaves your partner feeling attacked and defeated. You need to learn how to handle your anger more properly. Sitting down and talking things out is always the best option, stop overlooking it.


Scorpios are sometimes a bit too possessive but you really need to do your best to try and talk to your partner about your boundaries. While you might think you’re on the same page you will never know for sure until you sit and talk about things. You need to give your partner space all the while still gaining the things you need within this relationship if you really want it to work.


You as a Sagittarius are not the kind of person who wants to remain in one place for long. You and your longing soul can sometimes be a bit much for your partner. You need to work harder to reassure your lover that while you might want to go do things and be in new places, you still want him or her by your side all the while.


Capricorns are some of the most frustrating people of the zodiac. If you’re a Capricorn chances are you don’t often take your partner’s emotions into consideration. You really need to start looking at things from a new stance. Your partner’s emotions should matter just as much as your own.


As an Aquarius, you and your partner are often butting heads in odd ways. You need to stop being so closed off and open up more. The more you let your partner in the better you will feel.


Pisces people can be a lot sometimes and you are no exception to that. You really need to let your partner see you for who you are but also see life from a realistic stance. Your partner has his or her own battles to fight as well and things are not all about you anymore.