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This full moon is coming forth quickly and will be here before you know it. While it might be a positive moon overall, it is going to be affecting each of us in different ways.

The full moon in Gemini will occur on the 30th of November and will be intense for a lot of different reasons. It will be taking hold of our romantic lives all the while bringing tensions from within. This for some might be the beginning of an end.


For you, this full moon will have you looking for the bright side of things but unable to find it. You’re not putting your attention in the right places but perhaps you should be looking forward to making progress in your personal life. Sometimes you need to change course and well, this is a learning experience for you.


This moon is going to have you feeling like you’re on top of the world in some ways. It is going to build you up but also feed into your insecure side when you least expect it. If you want to make the most of the things before you, try not to overreact while these energies are present.


For the Gemini, this full moon might be a bit much. You’re going to be feeling good and getting along with your partner but the smallest thing could set you off. Honestly, being able to think before you speak will come in handy big time right now.


This moon is going to have you feeling pretty damn emotional. You’re going to be going through the wringer big time. Just keep in mind that this is going to help you get to where you need to be.


The full moon we’re about to face for the Leo is going to be highlighting things that the Leo needs to address. This might not be easy for you to face but it will help you grow. Growth is something you should never turn your back to.


Full moons tend to be pretty hard on Virgos overall and this one is no different. You’re going to be trying your best to please someone with no real progress in sight. Perhaps you’re looking in the wrong areas and not paying close enough attention where you should.


As a Libra, this full moon is going to have you saying things you do not mean. Rather than stopping to consider the words coming out of your mouth, you’re going to be spilling them left and right. If you don’t get a hold on this you’re going to regret the things you’ve done.


Right now is the best time for you to break free and try something new. While you might be feeling stuck at the moment moving on isn’t out of your reach. The best thing you can do during this moon is cut ties and figure out where you want to head.


This moon is going to have you turning to your friends now more than ever. You’ve got a lot on your plate and you do not know how to handle it. Jumping ship isn’t an option anymore and you feel like you’re drowning, just take each day one step at a time.


Turning to your friends during this full moon is a good idea. You need support and that’s something they can give you. I know, things are all over the place but the more you talk things out the better you’re going to feel.


Slow down, this moon doesn’t want you beating yourself up so drastically. Things are not what they seem and while you don’t think you can take a break you need one. The things you need to get done will still be there tomorrow.


This moon is going to have you feeling on edge and facing struggles in love. Perhaps communicating more properly right now would come in handy. Sit down and talk through the things you’re feeling.