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When it comes to our love lives and how we move through this world as a whole, better understanding ourselves isn’t as complex as we make it out to be. In order to really get to know ourselves and come to terms with the things within, we must tap into our subconscious. 

If you are struggling in love and really trying to figure things out, this might be a test you’re in serious need of. Below you will find an image that is a lot of things all at once, some people are drawn to different parts of it for different reasons, this revealing things about all of us as we allow our inner beings to break them down. If you want to figure out just why you’re struggling in love, what you are pulled to the most out of the things in this image will reveal a little about exactly that. 

Before moving on to see what you’re drawn to the most, take a moment to clear your mind. Don’t second guess yourself, what you see first is what you see first, period. After looking at this image take a peek below to see what it might mean about your love life and the things you’re going through. 

The Two Birds

If you were most drawn to the two birds in the middle of this image you are someone who is looking for a love that isn’t necessarily possible. You have high expectations and are not willing to budge in the areas you might need to. Sure, there is someone out there for you but he or she might not be who you’d expect. Open up your mind and stop being so closed off. You can’t find love if you’re not willing to see it when it’s right before your eyes.

The Bearded Man

If you chose the bearded man as the thing you were most attracted to within this image, you are someone that is far more damaged than you realize. You’ve gone through a lot and you feel more alone than you want to admit. You need to open up more and stop bearing the load of the life you live alone. 

If you don’t allow yourself to heal first you’ll never find the love you deserve. You have to grow before things can manifest for you and that takes time. You’re not ready but if you take the steps you need to improve your life as a whole, you will be ready in time.

The Mountainous Region

If you were one of the few people to be most drawn to the mountains, you are a bit flighty. You don’t like to be tied down and as a result, you run from love whether you want to admit that or not. You need to be more willing to slow down and really take things day by day but that’s not easy for you. 

I know, you’ve gone through a lot and you’re trying to keep from making the same mistakes over again but you can’t just keep moving through life as you are. If you want real love you have to be willing to give and to receive. Find someone who makes you content and take things slow, slow, and steady is what you need.

The Flowing Waterfall

If you were drawn to the waterfall, you’re dealing with emotional baggage that you cannot quite move on from. Because of this, there are lots of things going on in your head that hold you back from finding love. You can’t create something new with someone positive if you’re still thinking about your toxic ex all the time. Work on yourself and everything will fall into place as time passes.

The Powerful Sun

If the sun was what you were most drawn to right off the bat, you’re ready for love but your not being patient enough. You’re trying to rush things and looking for someone in all the wrong places. Slow down and take things as they come. You’ll know when the person you’re meant to be with is before you, stop rushing.