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Optical illusions are perfect for sparking debate, inspiring critical thinking, and even revealing parts of ourselves we aren’t otherwise aware of. And just for fun, I have included one that is very reminiscent of Easter (just in time for the holiday.)

Below, I am placing an image. It can be viewed in two different ways. Look at it closely. What do you see first? The image you see first will reveal a lot about your mind and how it works. Some claim to see a rabbit, while others claim to be a duck. Obviously, it’s meant to be a double – which can be interpreted as either. What did you see?


If you saw the rabbit, you are cautious and thorough. We prefer to take your time, rather than rush through a new project. Some would even say that you have a tendency to take your time, but really, you are just detail-oriented. You hate making mistakes and if you get something done, you want it done the right way. You tend to be a homebody, preferring the company of very few close friends, rather than a large group of people. And when it comes to how you approach life, you are quite practical.


If you saw the duck, you are very social. You love meeting new people and always want to be surrounded by the people that you love most. Who needs time alone, anyhow? While those who saw the rabbit are a bit more cautious, you are a bit more impulsive. You like to make decisions on the spot, and would rather get things done quickly, and have time to go back and fix your mistakes if need be. To be honest, you find that you work much better under pressure.

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