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Imagery and symbolism can reveal a lot more about ourselves than we often realize. Just by looking at an image and noting what you see, you can begin to understand things about yourself that you likely wouldn’t already have noticed.

Psychologists have realized this for quite a long time, using imagery to better understand their patients on a subconscious level. Oftentimes, because we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind, we may not even realize some of our deeper personality traits. But, there is something about art that has the power to unearth these deeper truths.

Oleg Shupliak is a very talented artist known for his optical illusions. One particular painting called “Windy Day, Claude Monet” includes four hidden images. What do you see first?

If You Spotted the Older Man’s Face

For those that spotted the elderly man first, your dominant personality trait is wisdom. You can see things in a way that most cannot. And you are more understanding and empathetic than most. When your friends and family are faced with a problem, you give the best advice. People are enamored by your unique opinions.

If You Spotted the Woman With the Broken Umbrella

Your humor is your most dominant personality trait. People love how you are easily able to brighten up a room, and love to be around you. You never take life too seriously, and because of that, you always come off very light-hearted and even endearing.

If You Spotted the Flowers the Women Stand On

You have a sensitive heart and soul. People love how understanding and kind you are to them and can sense your kindness from a mile away. You are someone that others go to to have deep and meaningful conversations and to feel understood. And when your friends and family feel down, your presence is healing.

Which one did you see? And did it resonate? Let us know in the comments below!