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There are two opposing energies in our world: the masculine and the feminine. And just because you are a female, that doesn’t necessarily mean your brain is effeminate and vice versa.

However, certain stereotypes align with these different energies and for the most part, this is simply how we view the world. Think of the Yin and Yang, which shows how these two opposing forces create balance in our universe.

With that being said, even astrologers view the masculine and the feminine through the planets, with Mars having more analytical and fierce energy, whereas Venus rules over the feminine and more emotional aspects of it all.

So, that brings us to our next question, have you ever thought about how predominantly geared your brain was? Is it more masculine or feminine?

Below there is an optical illusion. What do you see?

If you saw a man running towards you

If you see a man running toward you, you are a problem solver. You enjoy a good puzzle and are quite analytical. These are all traits of the stereotypical male brain. While you may not be great at multi-tasking, when you put your focus on one thing, you are quite good at getting it done.

If you saw a man running away from you

If you saw the man running away from you, you are not one to rush to a decision. Instead, you trust in your senses and if you must, you reason your way through obstacles. You are great at multi-tasking, and you also have a great memory. When things get tough, you rely on your intuition to guide you. If you saw the man running away from you, your brain is predominantly female.