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While it might not always seem like it, there are sides of you that even you aren’t necessarily aware of. Your subconscious knows more about you than you might realize and, the more you dive into it, the more you learn.

We all have our positive traits and negative traits but letting those things sink in properly can be hard. However, if you’re really wanting to dive into who you are and perhaps your potential strengths and weaknesses, looking at optical illusions might help. Below you will find an image that seems to have a lot going on and well, it’s more than just what it appears. The more you look at it, the more you will find.

The thing that stands out the most to you in regard to this image before anything else can show you a lot. Take a little time to relax and wind down before really looking at this image, and once you’ve done so see what stands out the most to you but, don’t spend forever looking at it. From there, continue on to see what that may reveal about you.

(Credit: Ogel Shupilak)

The Face Of A Man

If you first noticed the face of a man before anything else, you’re someone who is more than capable of really getting through the worst moments. You stand out to others and are quite strong, but you also don’t look into things as deeply as you should. You tend to take things as they are and well, it sets you up to fail a lot more than you want to admit.

A Girl Reading

If you were most drawn to and picking up on the woman/girl reading, you are probably someone who puts a lot of value in the small things and really wants to put your best foot forward. However, that also indicates that you’re someone who refused to take things in properly. You bottle a lot up and are often the kind of person who beats around the bush.

A Table And Chair

If before anything else you saw just a table and a nice chair, you are likely someone who really breaks things down and thinks things through. You are someone that a lot of people seem to be more willing to talk to and while you do get frustrated easily things are often not what they seem, and you know that. When it comes to the downside of things, you’re someone that really doesn’t see your own worth.