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The way that we view ourselves is much different than how others perceive us. And while we may never know the exact truth to what others think about us, psychoanalysis most definitely can.

During the 1900s scientists like Hermann Rorschach and Sigmund Freud used inkblot tests and other symbology to better understand the mindset of their patients. They believed that how their patients viewed certain imagery could unlock keys to their true psyche that they may not otherwise admit to. And in many cases, they helped and understood many people. Additionally, they paved the way for modern psychology.

With that in mind, there are many illusions, inkblots, and psychological tests that circulate the internet, providing in-depth and accurate insights into the hidden truths of our soul, as well as the perceptions others hold of us. Look at the following images without looking at the explanations, and think of the first thing you see. Then, look at the explanations to discover what they mean by how others view you. No cheating!

What did you see? An explosion, or a couple?

If you saw an explosion, people see you as someone who is magnetic. You are an outgoing or at the very least social person who enjoys being in the limelight. However, at the same time, you also tend to be highly critical of yourself.

If you saw a couple, you are a very people-centric person, meaning that you truly cherish the relationships you have in your life. You are very focused on making others happy and people notice that while you may be quiet, you are caring.

What did you see? Lips, trees, or roots?

If you saw lips, people view you as a very straightforward person. You aren’t someone who has to be discovered or who comes off as mysterious, instead, you are a very ‘what you see is what you get’ type of person. And people find that refreshing.

If you saw trees, people view you as someone who sees things on a deeper level. While you accept things at face value, you also know there are deeper levels to be explored, and you are someone who comes off as a deep thinker and empathetic.

If you saw roots, you have a hard time accepting the world the way it is, and others can see that. When people want to talk to someone who is revolutionary or someone who can see the side of things no one else would think of, they come to you. You have a unique perspective.

What did you see? A baby, or a couple?

If you saw a baby, you are seen as an introvert or someone who tends to be a loner. You are quiet and reserved, as well as a mystery most people want to uncover.

If you saw a couple, then you are seen as more of a social person with a kind and generous heart. Your friends and family value you, and know when they need a shoulder to lean on, they can count on you.

What did you see first? A duck or a rabbit?

If you saw a duck, then you come off as someone who is more emotionally impulsive, and as someone who is quick to express how they feel. At times, you may seem intense to others, at other times, you are seen as passionate.

If you saw a rabbit, you are someone who is perceived to be more careful and cautious. You pause before reacting in almost every situation, and you are a highly logical person who likes to think about things from all angles.