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What if I told you, you could learn a lot about yourself, your life, your mindset, and your deep subconscious by simply looking at an image? While it may sound crazy, the results are eerily accurate!

In an interesting YouTube video posted by Bhoomi’s Quick Recipes (a recipe and random fun stuff YouTube channel) the creators provide you with several images, each with a different intention.

And before you shoo-shoo on the authenticity of optical illusion tests, think back to psychologists who use symbolism and Rorschach tests. For eons and ages, (maybe not that long) psychologists have used symbolism to better understand the inner-workings of their patient’s minds. People like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud believed that the symbols in our dreams could provide insights into who we are and our state of mind.

With all of that in mind – at the very least, these tests are fun, and an interesting way to think of art and how we perceive it. In the images, the creators ask you to immediately pick out what you see, and then they explain what that means about your mind. I was astonished by what some of the images depicted and what I saw and what that meant for me.

Check out the video, and see for yourself. You are going to be in shock!