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While a lot of people don’t realize it the thing they are most drawn to reveal a lot about who we are in general. Some of the smallest things can make the biggest impact in some of the most unexpected ways.

Your sub-conscious knows so much more about who you are than you do in the present moment and the more you tap into it the more you can work to understand yourself more properly. Below you will find an image that might look like one thing but also another depending on what your mind’s eye is drawn to. Before scrolling down to take a peek, clear your mind and really open up. Ask your inner being to make known something that you need to be aware of. 

Now that you’ve done that scroll down and without giving a second thought pick out what you see first. Some things are quite present and clear but others are hidden and not as noticeable to those who aren’t in need of them. Only one will stand out above the rest, which one is it?

Now that you’ve got the first thing you saw picked out continue down to see what that specific thing reveals about you. Whether you saw the lady’s face, the broken harp, the yellow flowers, or something else entirely will really show us a lot about you as a person. I first noticed the flowers and was quite shocked at my results.

What You See First In This ‘Optical Illusion’ Reveals A Lot About You:

The Yellow Flowers 

If the pretty yellow flowers were something that stood out to you before anything else then chances are you’re a bit more of a shy person. You don’t usually break out of the mold that you’re stuck within and are also quite gentle. In many ways, you feel like people overlook you and don’t stop to appreciate you in the ways that they should. Perhaps you need to put yourself out in the real world more to see where it leads you.

The Lady’s Face

If the lovely lady’s face was the first thing that you noticed you are most likely seeking something in this life. You are much more in tune with the people around you and working to help those who matter the most in their struggles but forgetting about your own. Your needs matter and if you don’t take care of yourself you cannot take care of anyone else in the ways you want to so desperately. Perhaps you should keep that in mind.

The Broken Harp

If you first saw the broken harp before anything else you are the kind of person who takes things as they are but also wants to get all done that you possibly can. You are very accepting and kind but also willing to do what needs to be done when it is necessary. That being said, you sometimes forget to focus on the areas that you’re needed the most.

 Something Else/Background

If the first thing you noticed was something other than what was listed above, for instance, the clouds or the small pond in the background you are someone who pays very close attention to detail. You have a lot going on in your life and often feel like things are becoming way too much for you to handle but as time passes you’re finding that you can do so much more than most others. Loving yourself might not come easily but it is something that you’re always working on.