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There are times in life when we are in a state of flow, feeling like everything is falling into place. At other times, we feel chaotic, lost, and all over the place. Where are you?

Symbolism is like a key to our subconscious mind, that is why art has such an effect on us. The interesting thing about art is that two different people could view an image and report being touched by it in different ways.

Below, I have placed an image: what do you see first, the waterfall or the robes?

If you saw the waterfall…

If you saw the waterfall you are a social person, but you need time alone. You are open to spending time with your favorite people, but nothing beats your alone time. Most of the time, you live in a state of flow, but you have your moments. However, somehow, you tend to keep it all together.

If you saw the robes…

If you saw the robes first, you are someone who is going through a rough patch in your life. To be quite honest, you are feeling extremely lost. But no matter how lost you may feel, you have your heart and mindset on finding a way through.

Most people are divided on this, with many seeing the waterfall and just as many seeing the robes. However, most agree, this is pretty spot on! Which did you see?