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Some of these images are going to be more detailed than others, but no matter what, you will notice something about each one before anything else. That something could reveal more than you think.

While you might not realize it, the things you are drawn to or notice before other things can really show the rest of the world different glimpses into your being. Your personality is made up of a lot of things in relation to your subconscious, whether you realize it or not. Take a look at the images below and continue down to find out what the first thing you see about each means for you.

What Do You See First When Looking At This Image?

Credit: Christo Dagorov


If you noticed the lips first, you are someone that tries to always take things at face value. You do not look into most things and often accept them as they are. This makes you very unwilling to take risks.


If you noticed the trees first, you are someone that knows looking to the unknown is sometimes a good idea. You think outside of the box and are always looking for something interesting. You know a good idea when you hear one.


If you noticed the roots first, you are a very growth-oriented person. You are always working to better yourself and make a difference. You really like helping others.

What Do You See First When Looking At This Image?

Credit: Christo Dagorov


If you noticed the two men first, you tend to care more about others than yourself. You are far too thoughtful and sometimes get yourself way in over your head. You are too generous.

Water Splashing

If you noticed the water splashing first, you are someone that is always on the lookout for a storm. You know that things are not often what they seem, but also don’t want to dig. You stick within your means.


If you noticed the skull first, you are a person with a positive outlook on life. You see things in a light that most others do not. The more you dig, the more you find, no matter the situation. You are a very outgoing and spirited individual.

What Do You See First When Looking At This Image?

Credit: Christo Dagorov


If you noticed the tree first, you are someone that doesn’t pay much attention to the things around you. You don’t overthink too much, and you tend to really reel yourself back more often than not. This might be something you need to work on.


If you noticed the woman first, you are very observational and quick. You notice a lot of things other people do not. You stick to really diving in and tearing things apart. I guess we could say you are an over-analyzer in many ways, but not in all.


If you noticed the landscape first you are a bit absent-minded but not too severely. You stick to what you know and try not to deviate. You just go through the motions.

What Do You See First When Looking At This Image?

Credit: Christo Dagorov


If you noticed the couple first, you are someone that takes relationships very seriously. You are always thinking of your significant other and they make up a huge part of your life. You are what we would probably call clingy in many senses of the word.


If you noticed the explosion first, you are probably someone that gets scared easily. Your personality is a bit sporadic but you don’t like to do things that you know might end badly. You are a bit of a wuss.


If you noticed merely the woman first, you are a little more lonely than you might like to admit. You crave some kind of attention you are not getting. Perhaps you need to work on this.

(All images in this article are sketches by the amazing artist Christo Dagorov, click here to see more of his work.)