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Since the dawn of time, art has had a unique ability to bring out our subconscious mind and bring it to the forefront of our conscious mind. This is the reason why renowned psychologists Sigmund Freud and Hermann Rorschach used symbology in their practice.

They so firmly believed in symbology, that they revolved much of their research around the use of it to help understand patients better than had been done ever before. Even now, inkblots are used and symbology is used to decipher dreams.

If you’ve ever looked at an art piece, you likely noticed something unique about the painting that was different than what others had perceived. This is because when we look at a painting or piece of art, it resonates with something taking place within us. And because each of us possesses a different mind, we each notice something different.

To demonstrate this, I have included a painting and placed it below. Take a moment to look at it, but notice the first thing that comes to mind. Whatever you see first will reveal the hidden aspects of your personality.

So what did you see?

The Armored Knight

Those who notice the armored knight are deeply guarded individuals. Beneath the surface, they want to openly love and experience life, just like everyone else. But, because of situations and traumas beyond their control, they have put up a barrier between them and the rest of the world. If this is the case for you, it may be important to start allowing yourself to face your feelings head-on, so you can process them and move forward.

The Two Dancers

If you noticed the two dancers first, you are a very romantic individual. You love art, music, romance, and fine dining, and carry yourself in an almost graceful way. You love with all of your heart, and you connect with people on a very deep level. Some might even describe you as overly sensitive to others, or even as an empath.

The Old Man’s Face

People who notice the entire painting, and see the old man’s face are big picture thinkers. When they are presented with a problem or obstacle in life, they think about it in a million different ways before proceeding to move forward. At times, they could even be considered overthinkers. Due to this, you may struggle at times to express yourself, because you get so caught up in your mind. Mindfulness can help with this immensely!