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The things we see in ‘optical illusions’ and other things of the sort come forth from our sub-conscious mind. Through tapping into this part of ourselves we can learn so much about how we as human beings operate.

Now, when it comes to the way in which we tend to fall in love this image will provide us with a lot of insight. Whether you’re the type to fall fast and hard for other people or the type who likes to take things slow, what you see first in the image below will reveal just that. Sure, it might seem a bit far-fetched but you’d be quite surprised how accurate it actually is. 

Take a good look at this image and give yourself just a couple seconds to really decide what it is you see first. While there is a lot going on in this image, one thing will stick out before anything else, what is that one thing for you? Once you know what sticks out the most to you right off the bat take a peek below to see what that has to say about how you fall in love.

What you saw first and what it has to say about how you fall in love:

1. The face of an older man.

If before anything else you noticed the face of an elderly man you are someone that likes to take things as they are. You look deeper than most when it comes to love and are not often blinded by romantic gestures. You look at a person’s actions when falling for them versus what they can offer you or what they have as a whole. Falling in love for you is a slow process but one that you take very seriously.

2. A stone archway over water.

If before anything else you saw the stone archway over the water, you are the kind of person who goes with the flow in some ways but also puts up a wall of protection. Rather than diving into things you like to keep a good distance until you know you’re safe. You are not as focused on love as most other people are and do not mind living life on your own for a little while. It would take someone truly amazing to really get you to settle down.

3. A man riding a horse.

If before anything else you noticed the man riding a white horse, you are very love-oriented. You want someone to come to sweep you off your feet and make all of your problems go away, even if love isn’t supposed to be capable of that. You believe deeply in true love and that we all have someone out there for each of us. You tend to think everything that comes forth is too good to be true and often that ruins things for you.

4. A woman lying by the river.

If before anything else you noticed the woman lying by the river you tend to fall for people who need ‘help.’ You find yourself pulled more and more towards people who end up hurting you in the long-run. While you’re quick to get in way over your head, you are also quick to realize how toxic things have become. You give your heart away much too quickly and it bites you in the rear end a lot.