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Our subconscious comes out in some of the most unexpected ways. Sometimes the things we choose reflect things we are facing within that we might not even be aware of.

In the images below you will notice some quite interesting things. When looking at each one come at it with an open mind. Once you take a look one thing should stand out above all else from that very moment. What do you see? Once you do this continue on the see what the thing you saw first means for you.

Credit: Reddit user Liammm


If you saw the eyeball first you are someone who keeps focused on the things ahead. You don’t waste your time trying to figure things out because you already have quite the plan. With that being said, you also should relax more, you are overworking yourself.


If you saw the sink/drain first you are concerned with wasting your time. You feel like anything that isn’t pushing you forward is holding you back and that is not necessarily true. You should allow yourself to stop and smell the roses from time to time.


If you noticed the apple first you are someone that really holds onto things for too long. You don’t allow yourself the freedom of moving on and it really makes a difference in your life. While you would like to let go something is holding you back.


If you saw the butterfly first you are undergoing a transformation within. You are changing who you are and not in a bad way. While you may not be able to see the progress you have made, everyone else can. Be proud of yourself.


If you picked up on the knife first you are an overly negative person. You are afraid of coming face to face with who you are and you avoid being alone with yourself at all costs. You should take your time and work towards being more positive.


If you noticed the caterpillar before anything else you have most likely struggled a lot in your years. While things are finally looking up you can’t help but feel as if it is fleeting. Stay optimistic, something great is coming your way. You are far too strong to give up.

Credit: Karl Kwansky


If you first noticed the skull you have some issues with suppressing things. There is something bothering you on the inside that you have not thought about for quite some time. You should do your best to work on figuring out what that is and getting it resolved.


If you saw the girl before anyone else you are afraid of feeling vulnerable. You don’t want to put yourself out there for fear of what may end up happening. Open up and be yourself, something wonderful will come of it.

Background Figure

If you first saw the background figure you are aloof and mysterious all on your own. You stand out but in a way other people cannot. This is not a bad thing but it is something you should pay attention to.


If the flowers were the first thing you saw you are someone who values nature and really holds his or her own. You are a quite amusing and interesting individual and it really shows. People can relate to you on a real level.


If you noticed the woman before anything else you are someone who needs to be nurtured. You are very relationship oriented and love being around other people. While you cannot always have what you want, you do work hard to ensure everyone around you is happy.

I hope that these images brought some things about you to your attention. Sometimes we fail to realize the one person we know the least about is the person we are. Our subconscious is a lot deeper than you might think.