We are all unique but when it comes to looking into our personalities and so forth the stars reveal more than most realize. If you’ve dated a good number of people in your life you know that each sign is different from the others and that some are much more frustrating to be with than others, right?

Below I am going to go over the biggest thing you should worry about when it comes to dating each of the zodiac signs. Some of them will be more serious than the rest and others might catch you off guard. What do you think worries you the most about the person you love and which sign do they belong to?


When it comes to dating an Aries you should mostly worry about their lack of free time. They just don’t know how to stop overworking. It’s like they are unable to slow down and for some, this can be a serious headache. When you’re dating someone you want them to be by your side and to have fun with you but not all Aries are capable of this.


When it comes to dating a Taurus you should be worrying about their temper. They lash out at some of the worst moments and allow things to build up to an extreme extent. To be honest, you might not ever be sure who you’re coming home to with them in your life.


When it comes to dating a Gemini you should be worrying about their filterless mouths. The Gemini will say whatever he or she wants and this can be quite saddening. It for many reasons may feel like they are attacking you even when that is not their intent.


When it comes to dating a Cancer you should be worried about their emotional state. The Cancer is a very off the wall lover who is constantly getting upset and pitching a fit. You never know how to handle them, and they can leave you quite exhausted.


When it comes to dating a Leo you should be worrying about their selfishness more-so than anything. Leos are too obsessed with themselves to let others in properly and it can seriously become a big issue. The more time you spend with them the more you will notice how clearly vain they are.


When it comes to dating a Virgo you should be worried about their overly criticizing mind. They go out of their way to be quite outspoken and are willing to say the worst things to others to make themselves feel better. Sure, it is constructive but is it always necessary?


When it comes to dating a Libra their emotional closed off sense of self is something to worry about. They do not know how to address their emotions or how to let other people properly. This creates problems more-so than most people are willing to realize.


When it comes to dating a Scorpio their rapid changing likes and dislikes might be something to worry about. You might end up feeling as if they’re getting tired of you even when they’re not and it can leave you a bit upset. The more time that passes the more prominent this will become.


When it comes to dating a Sagittarius you need to worry about their flightiness. They never know what they want and are always quick to jump ship. It’s like they are always on the edge of their seats ready to find something new to dive into.


When it comes to dating a Capricorn you need to worry about whether or not you can offer them what they need. Capricorns are much needier than most people realize, and we are often not capable of giving them truly what they need in life. Sure, things might work for a while but as time passes if you’re not up for it things will become quite hard.


When it comes to dating an Aquarius you have to worry about whether or not they’re going to stick around. Sure, they might show interest and you might think things are fine but are they? This sign is always one that keeps those they are with on edge.


When it comes to dating a Pisces you have to be worried about their emotions more than you realize. You have to be able to spot the signs that they otherwise would be hiding from you. It’s like until things are at a point where it’s too much they won’t reach out and you have to be the one to bring things up.

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