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Whether we notice it or not, we are drawn to specific things. And while we may notice one thing, others will notice something different.

In the image below, you will be drawn to one thing before anything else. It will stand out, and you will notice it first. That being said, the image itself is made up of lots of different things. What you are aware of first will really tell us a lot more than you might think.

Before taking a look at this image, please clear your mind. Come to this image with an empty head and do not question yourself. Once you’ve taken a look, continue on to see what the thing you noticed first reveals about you.


If you saw the tree first, you are not the kind to think outside of the box. You take things as they are and do not often question much. You are able to handle most any situation and do not often find yourself stuck. You come across as a good leader and always stay strong, regardless of the situation. People really tend to look up to you, and with good reason.


If you saw the gorilla first, you are someone that loves to get what you want. You are creative and passionate but also very bossy. You have an attitude that people either love or hate, and don’t leave much room for anything in-between. You find yourself in more conflict than you would like to, and are often quite dramatic.


If you saw the lion first, you are the kind of person that takes charge but also knows when to step back. You hold your own and are very outgoing. You are a force that many know they should not bother messing with, and you really bring something magical to the table. People really seem to find you to be the kind of person they want to look up to.


If you saw the fish first, you are a very creative and mysterious person. You are always looking at things from outside of the box and never take the traditional route. You are kind and giving, but also smart and reserved. You know when to take a step back and when you should dive into something new. You are interesting, to say the least.