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Emotional intelligence is basically your ability to express and control your emotions and relate to the emotions of others. The more emotionally intelligent you are, the more capable you will be of ‘checking’ yourself in the face of emotional disaster.

Some people are far more emotionally intelligent than others and a lot of people struggle to relate to the emotions of anyone but themselves at all. Everyone varies and managing our own emotions is nowhere near as simple as it might seem. Now, when it comes to figuring out where you are in all of this looking to your subconscious could reveal much more than you’d assume.

To figure out whether you’re emotionally intelligent or not you could look at the optical illusion below and read into the first thing you notice. The first thing you notice about this image will make it quite clear just where your EI levels lie. There are a number of things you could spot first but which is the one that seriously stands out to you without a second thought?

Mirror First

Noticing the mirror first means you are the kind of person to really see things from an outside perspective. You are about as emotionally intelligent as it gets and do not like to see others down-and-out. You are able to see the bad side of things as well as the good side of things and weigh out the odds before you.

While life is not always easy, you are always working actively to make it a little better. You do a lot of reflecting which makes it quite ironic that you’re the one who also saw the mirror first. Your emotions are not something you can avoid.

Girl First

Did you see the girl first? This means you are somewhat emotionally intelligent but also tend to put the emotions of others before your own. You do not often think about yourself and usually do a lot of bottling. You refuse to feel the things you need to feel and that holds you back big time.

As a person it is your duty to take in all that is before you, emotions included. While you’re always going out of your way to help others you rarely ever let them do the same for you. This needs to change.

Grass First

If you noticed the grass first you are not quite emotionally intelligent at all. You do notice the emotions of others but are not often aware of which ones they are truly facing. You are somewhat oblivious to many of the issues that come up and do not often see things as they are.

Out of all the options on this list, you are the one most like an ‘airhead.’ You spend far more time concentrating on the things that do not matter than you should and always obsess over the small stuff. You really need to get a grip on reality.

(Image Via: Lauren Williams Photography)