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As we have noted many times before the more we really work to understand our subconscious self the more we uncover regarding our truest form. If you’re curious about just how powerful your mind is, you are in the right place.

The things we are drawn to reveal a lot about who we are and where we are headed. Below you will find a peculiar image with several different shapes present in several different ways. Without thinking or second-guessing yourself figure out what it is you see before anything else when looking at this image.

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Once you know what you saw first continue to scroll down until you find the section for that specific thing. This section will reveal to you what your choice brings to the light regarding you as a person. Getting to know yourself isn’t as hard as you might expect it to be.

You like to make messes and have fun which is something a lot of people forget to do. You keep things light and always ensure that your happiness is present. If you’re not doing things you like to do, you make the changes that you need to make.

Hanging Monkey

If you saw the monkey before anything else you’re a very objective person. You don’t usually like to go with the flow and are very unique in the way that you hold yourself. You do not let the people around you hold you back and you are always doing something creative.

Tiger Head

If you saw the tiger’s head before anything else you are usually someone who stands your ground. You do not know how to back down and it sometimes gets you in trouble. While you plan everything out things don’t often go as they should and it really gets under your skin.

Sure, the world might try to beat you down but you do not let it. You hold your own and do not lose yourself in the distractions many try to bring forth. These things are not always as easy for others as they are for you.

Something Else

If you saw something else entirely you are someone who likes to look deeper than most. You are someone who grounds themselves in the real world but who also isn’t afraid of the things that we might not know are real or not. You like to be spontaneous and are usually very deeply emotional when it comes to the people you care for.

You’re not like everyone else and you don’t fit into any specific box. You find things that others overlook and are always paying attention to details. People like you really go far in life.