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What do you fear most? While many of us will respond with spiders, snakes, closed-in spaces, and other typical fears, the thing is, that most of our subconscious fears are much different than the answer to that question.

In fact, many of us fear something far worse than we are willing to admit. Take a moment to look at the picture below. After glancing at it for more than a few seconds, we begin to realize that there is a butterfly, a caterpillar, an apple, and a knife. However, what did you notice at first?

While we all see the rest of the picture begin to manifest after a few minutes, it’s what we notice at first that tells us the most about our innate fears.

If you first noticed the apple:

You subconsciously fear death. It sounds strange, but please hear me out. It’s not fearing the death of ourselves, it’s a fear of losing the ones we love the most. Oftentimes, this fear resonates after we have lost someone, but no matter what it is that caused it, you just can’t lose the people you love.

If you notice the caterpillar:

Subconsciously, you are terrified of ghosts, ghouls, and bad spirits. Conversely, it could be that you fear being paralyzed. Anything that could go boo in the night, without your permission, you just really don’t care too much for.

If you noticed the butterfly:

Being betrayed by those you love terrifies you. You just can’t fathom the person you love most causing you harm. Oftentimes, this fear resonates with you because you have already encountered betrayal.

If you noticed the knife:

The knife symbolizes your fear of terminal illness. Whether it’s due to a subconscious fear that you may already have one, or just fear the suffering associated, this fear is quite strong for you.