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We have moved into March with little to no issues overall, but this month is one that is going to packed with celestial events. The energies surrounding us right now might not feel overwhelming but as the days continue to pass, that could change.

Below I am going to go over what each zodiac sign should be paying the most attention to this week. For those who do not know, this week we are facing a lot of shifting. The energies around us are pushing and pulling us in all different directions. The more aware you are of this, the better.


This week you need to focus more on taking care of yourself. The people around you can hold their own better than you realize. You won’t be able to keep doing the things you do if you do not take time for yourself here and there.


This week you should be working to better yourself overall. There are lots of things you’ve been working on but nothing you’re actually following through with. Now is going to be your chance to get things done.


This week you might feel more beat down than usual but don’t let it get to you. Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones and pay attention to the people around you. Feed off their positivity and let them help you get into a better headspace.


This week is going to remind you why you no longer allow certain people in your life. While you care about them, they do not belong in your inner circle. Keep your distance, even if you’re wanting to see someone.


This week might have you feeling great but overall you need to keep your guard up. There are things going on that you’re not aware of and the more you share with others the more they will have to hold over you when all is said and done. Choose those you confide in wisely.


This week is going to slow you down a lot. You’re going to feel more drained than ever and honestly, that’s not a bad thing. Take a break. You need to remember that you’re not invincible. Your health matters and you should be taking better care of yourself.


This week is a reminder for you that balance isn’t always something you can find. Stop pushing things so severely. You don’t always have things figured out and that’s okay. Be willing to dive into the unknown.


This week for you isn’t going to feel too different but the people around you are going to be feeling different. This shift is going to show you that you’re doing too much in a lot of ways. Think things through more, it will help you a lot in big ways.


This week for you is going to feel like a roller coaster. You’re making big strides for your future, but you’re not moving down the path you want to be moving down. If you think changes are needed, now is the time to make them.


This week is going to show you that you’re not alone. There are people around you who care about you and your wellbeing. Perhaps you should be more willing to ask for help when you really need it.


This week in general for you is going to present a lot of complications to you. You’re going to be seeing things in a new light and perhaps focusing more on work. This is a good thing, and you shouldn’t try to fight it too much, progress will be made.


This week isn’t going to be what you want it to be, but it is going to be what you need it to be. Let yourself grow and take things one day at a time. Focus on your inner voice, listen to yourself more deeply.