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Emotional neglect or manipulation, in general, is not okay, the longer it goes on the worse off a person becomes and in the end long-term damage is usually done. Psychological violence is never okay and allowing it to happen in our lives is unacceptable.

Most people who are being manipulated or otherwise are completely unaware and do not see the problems before them. They have been conditioned to allow things to happen to them that should not be happening to anyone and are usually very down-and-out regarding their own self-worth. It’s like they feel as though they deserve the things they’re being put through when that is never the case.

Because those doing the harm in these kinds of situations want to be in control of their victims they say and do things that attack and break apart the victim. If you think someone in your life is mistreating you be it on an emotional level or otherwise then you need to work to be aware of how to stop this mistreatment and move on from it. If someone in your life is shaming, blaming, or verbally assaulting you overall you should take that as a red flag and run for the hills.

Emotional mistreatment or manipulation, in general, comes in many different forms and is not always the same for each of us. What affects you might not affect someone else and you need to keep that in mind. Spotting emotional mistreatment is a lot easier than we tend to think it is. If someone is belittling you, isolating you, invading your privacy, disregarding your boundaries, and all around making you feel like you’re constantly doing something wrong when you’re not then you should already know that you’re being taken advantage of in this way.

If they’re giving you ultimatums, threatening you, damaging your things, or anything else of the sort they are not worth your time. You as a person deserve to be able to live the life that you want to live. Letting someone else make your decisions or even control how you feel is out of the picture. Just because you are used to it does not mean it should continue to happen, it is never too late to get out of a dangerous or bad situation.

When you realize what it is you’re facing it is important that you turn to your support system for help and get out of the situation. That being said you have to keep in mind that they (your attacker) will try to draw you back in through any means necessary. Removing yourself from the situation and cutting ties with the person bringing you down once and for all is the best possible way to grow as a person and stand up for yourself.

Through getting out of that situation you are able to find your own sense of power and become more of yourself than you have been in a long time. This is a positive change that will lead you into something quite mind-blowing once all is said and done. For more on how to spot emotional mistreatment and other things of the sort please check out the video below. Don’t let people do these things to you or treat you in a manner that you do not deserve to be treated, we are all human, and we all matter.