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As we move forth the celestial energies around us are getting pretty intense. Things are heating up and well, we’re a bit all over the place, right?

If you’ve been wondering what this week may hold for you perhaps you need to get a little help from angel numbers. As you may know, your subconscious is linked to your spirit guides, and through reaching out you are able to really better understand a lot of things. If you want to know what this week might have in store, perhaps now is the best time to really invoke your spirit guides properly.

In order to do exactly that just pick the first of the following numbers be it one, two, or three. Each of these numbers holds a message that if you’re drawn to it will read true for you. Your spirit guide through your subconscious should really pull you to one of these three numbers more-so than the others. Once you know which number you’re most drawn to from there you can read the message that you were meant to read.

Angel Number #1

You’ve been through a lot of as late and well, you’re feeling pretty ran through the gutter. As this week unfolds you’re going to finally have a chance to relax and in that really come to terms with the things you’ve been running from. I know, things can be hard but you are more than capable of getting through them properly. Your guides want you to know that you hold more power than you realize.

Angel Number #2

If you were most drawn to this number you are someone who is really hurting within right now and while that sucks, you are going to grow tremendously this week. This week for you is all about healing and overcoming. Cut ties and really be willing to move forth in life, your guides want to see you happy and you must take the steps to get there.

Angel Number #3

As a whole things have been all over the place for you for a while now and well, you’re content but not necessarily as happy as you want to be. Life can be a bit much sometimes and while you might not know where you’re headed, you do know where you come from which is more than what most can say. Stop beating yourself up over the things you cannot change, you are going to be just fine and tomorrow will look brighter with every day that passes. Just because you’re going through the motions now does not mean you cannot find what you want in the future.