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The week of September 15th for many reasons is going to be a high energy week. There will be shifting energies and a lot of celestial movement influencing each and every one of us. 

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and what they might need to expect as well as focus on moving forth. These things will help each sign gain a better understanding of how to move forth and embrace the things happening to and for them. While life is always confusing, this week is going to seriously take the cake.


This week is not going to be doing you any favors. As it moves forth you need to remember to ground yourself properly. Times are hard and the people around you are not going to be as supportive and caring as they usually are. Everyone is going through their own things in life and you need to keep that in mind.


You’re headed for some great things this week but it won’t feel like it right off the bat. You’re going to be facing some interesting energies as the days continue by. Something big is about to change and who knows what that could mean. Do not let the people around you take advantage of you no matter how sincere they may seem, remain true to who you are and DO NOT stop looking for signs.


Sure, it might seem like time is going by slowly but the truth is every moment passes by far too quickly. Be more focused on how to ensure your own safety and stop allowing the world around you to place you inside of a tiny box. You are a very special person and you need to be heard above all else.


This week is going to provide you with a sense of creativity that you otherwise would not be capable of finding. You’re going to be spending a lot of time trying to make someone in your life happy only to find that, that someone is using you. Sometimes it’s better to withdraw and look at things from an outside perspective and you need to work on being capable of doing-so more frequently.


This week might feel like a lot of trouble and have you lashing out but everything that is happening is happening for a reason. The harder you work to get things done the more you will achieve if you keep your mind in the right place. This week for you is all about overcoming.


Normal doesn’t work for you and it never has but you’re only recently beginning to see this. Life isn’t as black and white as you want it to be and it really gets under your skin. You need to spend this week working on acceptance, point-blank.


You might tend to do things in your own way but sometimes that isn’t the best way and almost always isn’t the only way. If you’re not getting things done properly perhaps some changes need to be made. Stop wasting your own time and the time of others.


You’re going to be struggling with taking charge this week which is not like you at all. Nothing is going to make sense and you’re only going to begin to see glimpses of the truth behind your mind’s eye closer towards the end of it all. You need to spend some of your determination on something that matters rather than wasting it all in one place. Don’t jump into anything, think everything through this week.


You might think you’re happy and finally comfortable but the truth is, you’re not. You still don’t have what you want and you’re only settling once you really dig deep enough to see it. Just because you couldn’t have what you really wanted didn’t mean you had to stop searching for ‘more.’ Perhaps you’re in need of a change of scenery.


This week is forcing you out of your comfort zone in some big ways. You may soon begin seeing positive changes in your life and work to really step forward in the best possible ways. Maybe the future isn’t as cut and dry as you think it is, use the mind you were given to work through things before diving into them.


This week will be one during which you finally feel at home and not as closed off. You’re going to be spending more time with the people you care for and less time around those you don’t. While it might seem like a long-shot relaxing and letting go might be all you need.


This week is going to feel pretty intense for you but that doesn’t mean it will be intense overall. You’re going to be reconnecting with people from your past and working to decide if they deserve a place in your future. Do not make any quick judgments. Life is not as simple as we usually think it is.