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When it comes to finding love a lot of people fall for ‘fake love’ when looking for ‘true love.’ If someone who claims to care about you is hurting you, just know they don’t actually love you. 

Below I am going to go over some of the things that we all need to come to terms with before really taking that step forward in looking for true love. If you don’t know these things then you’re only going to end up finding toxic situation after toxic situation and that’s the truth. Love isn’t about playing games and running around on one another, it’s about being raw and open with someone all the while trying to lift them up as much as they lift you up. 

7 Things You Need To Accept If You Really Want To Find ‘True Love’:

1. Finding true love won’t ‘complete’ you.

Sure, a lot of people think love in itself fixes everything but it doesn’t. Finding true love is not going to make all of your problems go away and it’s not going to complete you. You have to do those things yourself, sorry.

2. You have to love yourself first, above all else.

If you don’t love yourself finding true love won’t be possible. You can’t go into something like this without first coming to terms with the things inside of yourself. Loving yourself should always be something you’re working at no matter the situation.

3. True love doesn’t always last forever.

Sometimes love can be true but still not be enough to keep things going forever. You might grow apart or you might have differences that you cannot overcome. This is hard to cope with but something we must all accept.

4. True love isn’t easy. 

Just because it’s true love doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Relationships are not easy, you’re going to argue and you’re going to fight. That’s just how life is but you’re going to know how important both of you are to one another and you’re going to want to make things work.

5. True love does not hold any lack of communication, period.

True love is all about communication. When you find someone who truly loves you they will sit down and talk your issues with one another out. They won’t shut you down and close themselves off, they will be willing to actually talk.

6. True love still has boundaries and limits.

Even true love has boundaries. You cannot walk all over one another and expect things to stay as they are. If someone is pushing you constantly and trying your limits, they don’t actually love you.

7. You have to be willing to accept people as they are and stop trying to fix them for true love to work.

If the person you’re with won’t accept you or you’re constantly trying to change your partner, you have not found true love. When you’ve found true love you are able to accept one another as you are and don’t want to turn each other into people you’re not. You’re able to sit on the same page without stressing over how quickly things will turn.