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The stars can reveal far more than you might think. When it comes to what you might be seeing in your dream state, the traits associated with your sign might play into it a lot more than you’d assume.

While there is no way to know exactly what is going to go on inside of the mind of someone else, especially in their dream world, we can get a good idea depending on how that person is in general. For instance, if you are someone who seems to be quite grounded you might dream about letting loose. Below I am going to go over what each sign is most likely to dream about and what that could mean for each of them. Sure, there will be exceptions to this but overall it should be quite spot on for many of us these might even be recurring.

Aries – Losing Control

As an Aries, you feel like you always have to be on top of your game. Because of this, you will dream of losing control or falling behind. This could come in many different forms and oftentimes presents itself as losing a competition or if a good dream, willing one. You in your awakened state have a good grasp on things but in your dream state, not so much.

Taurus – Oversleeping

Taurus people are often very stubborn and always rushing to get things done. Chances are, you dream about losing or gaining money as well as oversleeping. You are not one to put yourself behind but when you’re being weighed down things like oversleeping are real concerns in your life.

Gemini – Being Ignored

Being a Gemini, you love to be free and able to do and say whatever you’d like. To you, a dream could be you as the center of the party with all eyes focused on how great you are or even feeling as if you are trapped or losing track of who you are. Regarding real nightmares, being ignored is no walk in the park. You might be walking through town with no one in sight or perhaps surrounded by people with no one acknowledging you.

Cancer – Betrayal

Cancers are quite interesting, they go above and beyond for the people in their lives whether they’re willing to do the same for them or not. A dream for you would most likely be all about love and happiness. It would revolve around spending time with the ones you love and enjoying one another but a bad dream would be quite the opposite. You might dream of someone betraying you or even someone passing from this world to the next.

Leo – Extravagance & Loss

Because you are a Leo you want to be in control and have all eyes on you. In the dream world you are always willing competitions and being treated like a king or queen, right? You dream of living the life you want to live and being adored by those you look up to. On a bad day thought that might turn into a dream of losing exactly what you hope to gain.

Virgo – Losing

Virgos are a bit frustrating to many but tend to want to keep themselves on track. Dreams for you as a Virgo will be about losing your job, fulfilling your fantasies, or in some cases being very misunderstood. While a good deal of might consider your dreams in comparisons to others a bit boring, you don’t mind them at all.

Libra – Stability

As a Libra, you are always working to see that justice comes through in the end. You are very emotional all the while detached and come across as very cold. In your dream state, you are much more open and willing to let others in. You say and do things you would never be able to in real life.

Scorpio – Flying

For some reason, the Scorpio seems to dream of flying or being able to fly quite often. This is not something you’d expect from them and is probably not something they expect from themselves either. Scorpios are very emotion-oriented, and they really seem to feel very at home when doing things others would consider to be terrifying.

Sagittarius – Being Held Back

The Sagittarius often dreams about being held back or being chased. He or she isn’t the kind to stick in one place for long and because of this is really gets to their minds on a deeper level. The more trapped they feel the more present this kind of dream could end up being.

Capricorn – Pleasure

The Capricorn dreams of pleasure in all its possible manners. Those born under this sign are not good at expressing themselves but in their dream states, they can do exactly that. They become much more courageous when their eyes are closed.

Aquarius – Self-Expression

As an Aquarius, chances are you dream the most about coming out of your shell. You are someone that struggles to find his or herself and really express that on the outside. In the world of your dreams, you can be anything or anyone you want to be and your mind takes full advantage of this.

Pisces – Being Stuck

The Pisces is a very creative and unique individual, but he or she might dream of being stuck more often than you’d assume. This kind of person is always working towards more but sometimes feels like that moment of being ‘stuck’ defines them, and so they dwell on it more so than anyone should.