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We all have our own fears but some of those things might be a lot less expected than you’d think. When it comes to understanding someone else’s fears or even your own, perhaps looking to the stars is the way to go.

Below I am going to go over what completely terrifies each zodiac sign. While some might seem silly to you, to those who were born under that sign they make complete sense. There is a lot more to ‘you’ than you might realize.


Because you are so hardheaded and work-oriented the thing that terrifies you the most is being unnoticed and unappreciated. You want to make a difference in this world. You want your name known and the thought of that not happening shakes you to the core.


You are someone that seems to have his or herself together constantly. You always get to work on time and never fail to get things done. What terrifies you the most is the idea of never finding someone to truly love you.

While you don’t ask for much you are quick to cut ties with those who do not add up. This creates a lot of heartache within your being and brings you down big time. Security for you is a very important thing and finding love in your mind will provide you with the ultimate sense of security.


You love to talk and are someone most people seem to get along with. That being said, what you are most terrified of is losing yourself. You know who you are above all else in this world even if that means acknowledging your moody side. You don’t want to give up the things that make you who you are and it always feels like for some reason this world is constantly trying to force that on you.


You are a very expressive person, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You love to be loved and cannot stand being alone. The one thing that terrifies you the most is the thought of being alone. You do your best to surround yourself with people but even in your best most bright moments you always wonder if someday those people will just disappear.


As a Leo, attention is something you crave. You love that people flock to you, being noticed is kind of your thing. You are terrified of being ignored and losing your spark. You want to be the center of attention forever and if that ever changed you would not be able to handle it.


You are someone that dishes out a lot of criticism. You are always tearing others down but cannot handle the same being done to you. You are terrified of losing control over others and their true intentions coming out. While you think that people don’t like you if you actually heard them say it, it would crush you.


You are indecisive and sometimes quite frustrating but overall you’re a great person. What you are terrified of the most is a bit different from the rest. You are terrified of being betrayed. You put your all into the people around you and for someone to completely ruin that trust you have established would literally kill you within.


You are very secretive and often keep more to yourself than you should. You are most terrified of being vulnerable and letting others in. While it might not seem like much, this is something that takes you completely out of your comfort zone. You do not allow this to happen often.


You area very flighty kind of soul. You do not like being tied down and are always moving forward with new people. What terrifies you the most has to be losing your freedom. You don’t want to let anyone else take control of your life. You might seem pretty reckless but at least it is reckless by choice.


As a very careful person, you do your best to avoid anything to do with what you are most terrified by. While many would assume your biggest fear would be something to do with failure but it does not. What truly terrifies you the most is success. You strive for success and you want it more than anything but you often question whether or not actually getting there will make you happy.


You are someone that likes to have fun and really go with the flow. You don’t want to change who you are for anyone and you don’t want to have to tell anyone about your feelings. What seems to terrify you the most is the thought of having to open up. When you think about it you get pretty uneasy. You like keeping your distance emotionally.


You are a very talented and creative individual. The things that terrifies you the most is rejection. You know all too well how hard you work to get things done and the effort you put into the people around you. If you take a step forward or try to move out of your comfort zone it takes a lot out of you. While you do try hard you still have that fear in the back of your mind.

Image via Be the Light