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We all want to fall in love but most of us don’t know how to spot love even when its right in our faces. We confuse toxic situations as love and allow our hearts to be broken far too often.

While you might think you’ve found love if you aren’t feeling the following things, you’re mistaken. Love is not one-sided and love isn’t going to tear you apart. Sure, sometimes you might argue with the person you love and you might disagree on things but overall you’re going to feel the following things far stronger than anything else.

Your partner, the one that actually loves you isn’t going to make you feel like you’re not good enough or tear you down. He or she is going to bring balance into your life and provide you with the stability you’ve been needing. This especially coming strongly on an emotional level, sometimes things are just not what we think they are, and we all need to remember that.

15 Things You’ll Feel When You’re Finally In Love:

1. You will feel more motivated.

When you’re in love you’re going to feel a lot more motivated in general. You’re going to be chasing your dreams and working to accomplish your goals. The more you are with this person the more they motivate you.

2. You will feel more like yourself than ever before.

If you’re in love you will really feel like you’re being yourself. You won’t want to hide anything from anyone else. You will be much more willing to really open up than you would otherwise.

3. You will feel more compassionate.

Being in love you’re going to be feeling more compassionate in general. You’re going to be compassionate towards not only your partner but also other people. You are more open to being kind to those you don’t understand.

4. You will be happier.

As someone in love, you’re going to be happier than you would be otherwise. You are going to be building yourself up in a positive way and more-so ready for progress. You’re going to be really moving forward on a positive note.

5. You will feel comfortable.

When you’re in love you will feel comfortable in your relationship. You won’t have to worry about whether someone is lying to you because you will know that they are being truthful. You’ll have someone who makes you feel as if you don’t have to worry about the things you’ve had to worry about before.

6. You will feel relaxed.

If you’re in love you’re going to be feeling more relaxed and more at peace. You’re not going to be so upset and emotional all the time. You will be able to really settle in when it matters the most.

7. You will feel secure.

When you’re really in love you will feel very secure in your relationship and in your life. You won’t have to worry about whether someone is going to be there for you or not. You know without a doubt that they will be there for you when you need them.

8. You will feel focused on the future.

People who are in love are not obsessed with the past. You see when you’re in love you are very much focused on the future. You are moving forward and ready to take on the world with the person you care for the most. The pain and heartache of your past doesn’t matter as much anymore and you are able to move forth and heal.

9. You will feel complete.

Being in love does not complete you but it does make you feel complete. It makes you feel like you finally have someone who is always on your side. Your life will in your mind feel much more at peace.

10. You will feel less stressed.

Love in itself is something that allows you to distress in ways that most other people cannot fathom. When you’re in love you let go of a lot of the things that are bothering you. You realize that a lot of things just don’t matter.

11. You will feel ready for intimacy.

Being in love brings a lot of intimacy. When you’re truly in love you’re going to be attracted to this person on all possible levels. Cuddling and other things of the sort will mean so much more to you than they would have otherwise.

12. You will feel empathy on a new level.

Love in itself brings forth a deep sense of empathy. When you’re in love you’re going to be more willing to take other peoples emotions into consideration. When your partner is feeling something you feel it too.

13. You will feel like trying to deepen connections with your loved ones.

When you’re in love it cultivates a new standard to your connections in general. You want to deepen all possible connections and grow as a person. You’re going to want to spend more time with the people who matter to you.

14. You will feel like your becoming the best version of yourself.

If you’re in love you’re going to be working actively to become the best possible version of yourself that you can be. The person you love the most is going to bring out the best in you and really push you to be more yourself than you would be otherwise. This is something that helps us all in a wide range of areas.

15. You will feel quite warm in general.

The warmth that comes with being in love is like nothing else. When you’re in love you feel like someone is finally on your side. You’re kinder to yourself and the people around you.