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2020 and 2021 were a hell of a ride for everyone, and while I’m sure we are all eager for the new year, I feel like it’s also important to reflect on the past before moving forward. With that in mind, I have gathered some very interesting zodiac predictions for each of us to take note of.

On December 23, the Lunar Nodes shifted into Taurus and Scorpio’s axis, which is going to bring about much change. When the Nodes shift, new realizations are made, and this powerful shift has much in store for us all. Additionally, there will be four eclipses that will happen in those signs, tying even more energy into the Scorpio-Taurus opposition, so we can expect many fated changes to be coming into play as well.


With each new year, Aries signs can be drawn to the idea of change. And while that is a great way to approach life, it’s also important to get clear on your goals for the big picture as well. During this year, consistency and finding a strong balance between work and personal lives are going to be a major themes. All in all, you should be finding yourself in a better place between these two driving factors.


Your love life will play a major theme in the upcoming year, forcing you to reexamine how you approach your relationships, and how your relationships tie into the overall picture of your life. In turn, you may need to reassess how you show up in them, and also reexamine how your relationships are playing out in your overall life. If they aren’t serving you, it’s time to let them go.


It’s time to touch base with yourself. As an air sign, it can be hard not to get caught up in your thoughts, striving to learn more and do better. That’s a noble journey, but it’s also important to make sure your needs and path are being served too.


You are keen on what’s familiar and what lies within your comfort zone. However, because of that, you may miss out on good opportunities for change and growth. This year, you will feel a major push to explore the unknown, don’t ignore it.


2022 is going to reshift your focus inward, forcing you to attune yourself to self-awareness. Don’t ignore that call, and listen to your body. Are you doing all the things you need to, to protect your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health?


While it can be easy for you to get caught up in tasks, projects, and endeavors, sometimes it’s best to choose your battles wisely. Where is your energy being spent, and would it better serve you if placed elsewhere? It likely would. Throughout this year, you will feel the urge to look into the different areas of your life in which you are expending your energy.


As a Libra, you may feel oftentimes torn, trying to muddle through big decisions, and finding it hard to choose aside. However, this year, you will feel a newfound clarity and a push to finally stop battling so much with yourself and your life and to push yourself in a certain direction.


Over the past few years, you have likely found a new stride in how you carry yourself and how you show up in the world. You are feeling stronger and more sure of yourself, and that’s a wonderful turn for you. Don’t ignore that inner voice pushing you to continue forward through the path of healing.


In the coming year, you are going to be striving for a balance between your two opposing sides. On one hand, you long for adventure, and on the other, you need security. In the coming year, you will find a newfound focus to find the perfect balance between both of these needs.


You are a person driven towards truth, and driven towards understanding and relating to the world around you. Throughout your life, this has been a common theme, and in the next year, you are finally going to begin to find peace amid your truth and the truth of the world around you.


2022 is going to be pushing you to expand your network and make new connections. While you’ve always craved to connect with others, at times, you build walls between you and outsiders in hopes to protect yourself. 2022 is going to have you breaking down those walls and reaching out.


You are a loving and caring individual, sometimes even when that means disrespecting yourself. However, in 2022, you are going to be pushed to set limits and place boundaries between yourself and others. And because of this, you may find that your relationship with not only yourself but others will become stronger for it.