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As we move into Capricorn season on December 21st, we are also going to begin the celebration of the winter solstice.  This is a time in which we can and should all be working as best we can to reap the energetic benefits.

The Winter or December solstice itself is a celebration of sorts. During this time, many people work to acknowledge the presence of spirits and work towards more proper manifestations. This solstice is one that marks the true beginning of winter, and thus the time when the days are darkest and the nights are longest. During this time nature is resting, and we can all benefit from the seeds being sown.

During the solstice, we reflect and work to nourish our minds and bodies from the inside out. Whether you are nervous about all of this or patiently waiting for it does not matter, it will hit you just the same. To learn how the energies of this solstice might affect you take a peek below at what your sign has headed towards it.


As this solstice occurs, you will be finding yourself in a much happier place. A lot of things you would normally ignore will be at the forefront of your mind. The universe is going to make known where you need to be focusing so do not ignore the signs before you.

While you might not see things as they are just yet, it will all make sense later on. If something catches your attention don’t waste any time trying to avoid it, address it and move forth. Now is the time to listen to your inner being.


As this solstice occurs, you will be given lots of opportunities. An ego boost is in order and it might finally put you where you need to be in regards to your self-esteem. You’re about to have a lot of success coming your way and you definitely deserve all of it.


During the solstice, Gemini is going to be working through some serious issues. While things could play out just fine in the end, you don’t want to have to see where this is going. Just do your best and prepare for the worst. Whatever happens, will happen.


As this solstice occurs, you are going to be feeling quite nervous. You need to work on being patient and holding yourself down. You cannot keep pushing people in the ways that you tend to.

This solstice is going to have you feeling quite thankful for the small sense of stability that you do have and working to find more. A light will be shed on some hard to swallow events and you might not know how to react. Just take things one step at a time.


This solstice is going to be forcing you to take some time for yourself. You are always overworking yourself and never relaxing. While you love to work, you also need to remember that sometimes being alone and not doing anything is what you need. Stop misunderstanding your own mind and body.


This solstice is going to have you feeling quite safe and secure. You are going to be comfortable with yourself and your surroundings which is not something you’re that used to, to be honest. Perhaps you should give yourself a bit of room to grow so that this can turn into something more. You might not see it just yet but you are capable of great things.


This solstice is going to bring you a great deal of frustration. You are going to be battling something that most others cannot imagine. The bad news to come could be more than enough to break your spirit, so stay as strong as you possibly can.


This solstice is going to teach you how to bounce back and face the things before you with a smile. While you’ve faced some hardships this past year and you’ve been feeling quite down in the dumps lately, things are going to get better. Just because the feelings inside of you are not positive does not mean that you will be feeling this way forever, change is coming.


The solstice will set the mood for you to create something amazing. During this time you are going to be allowing your inspired side to show and really getting things done. The more effort you put into this project the better it will turn out. Give this your all, it might play out much better than you’d think.


This solstice is going to prove to you that you do not have to be a victim. You are able to hold your own and you are amazing. Your intentions and values will all be highlighted for a good while as these energies are present. If you need a break, take one but remember that making the most of these energies is important. You could bring great change if you tried hard enough.


During the solstice, you may have the urge to isolate yourself, and this isn’t entirely a bad thing. You are always giving too much and refusing to take care of your own needs. Now is the time to turn that around and be firm with your own mind. While this will be confusing, it will be amazing in the end.


This solstice is going to bring you to a new place in your own mind that you have not yet visited. This place is going to bring you great inspiration but also force you to deal with some hard truths about your past. Do not push too much, if this is not something you’re ready to face you do not have to face it just yet.