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It’s that time again: eclipse season is officially upon us. And this energy is all about dramatic and life-changing shifts, which can be quite intense.

On April 30, a solar eclipse kicked off eclipse season. While we all did not get to see the eclipse, we all have felt the energy it puts off in a major way. Continuing this eclipse season is a total lunar eclipse that will take place on May 16, 2022. This eclipse will take place in the sign of Scorpio, which is an intense tone that is only added to the intensity of the blood moon eclipse.

Because this lunar eclipse will be a total lunar eclipse, taking place under just the right conditions, the moon will take on a deep, blood red hue, hence the name blood moon eclipse.

Total lunar eclipses always happen under a full moon, so this event carries with it a lot of energy.

Eclipses are thought to bring fated changes and transformation to us, and a blood moon eclipse is thought to be a time of release. It’s time to release the cosmic burden we are carrying on our back, to make room for growth.

Of course, this transit will affect each of us differently, depending on our zodiac sign. Here is how it will affect your sign.


This blood moon eclipse will take place in your house of mergers and communication. Along with this transit, you will feel the need to release relationships that are toxic and work on relationships that you have not focused on quite enough in the recent past. There will be a deep sense of letting go of what is no longer working and showing up in a bigger way for the relationships that matter most.


This full moon eclipse is going to take place in your house of commitments, which will have you paying close attention to where you are giving your energy. For those of you dealing with a difficult partner or boss, you may have found yourself giving chance after chance, to no avail. And while this can be quite frustrating and draining even, this moon is pushing you to reexamine those connections.


Your goals are going to be on your mind heavy during this moon Gemini. And this will provide you with the perfect opportunity to re-examine your daily routine. Do your habits and choices fully align with the person you want to be? Or are they only hindering your growth?


It’s noble to be oriented towards taking care of those you love. However, when life becomes all work and no play, it can lead to burnout. What are you doing to introduce more balance into your life, Cancer? Are you attending to your garden, or simply watering everyone else’s? When you allow your needs to fall to the wayside, it could have a catastrophic effect.


This eclipse will be traveling through your 4th house of home and family, pushing you to focus on what matters most. Take some time to clean house (so to speak) and make sure that no unhealthy patterns are taking over in your home and make sure you are showing up 100% in your familial relationships.


Because this full moon is taking place in your 3rd house of communication, you may be feeling a push to open up a part of yourself that normally stays hidden. Whatever it is that you’ve been burrowing deep, whether it’s a secret or simply something that you’ve chosen to keep private, you are going to feel the drive to share it with someone closest to you.


Throughout this eclipse, your finances are going to be heavy on your mind. And you will feel a massive drive to stabilize your financial security and possibly even to seek out more for yourself on a financial level. There are many ways that you may feel driven to do this, from reshaping your spending habits, to obtaining an additional force of income.


This eclipse is happening in your first house of personality, so your focus should be on yourself. Take a moment to take inventory of your personal life, your routines, and your habits. You’ve likely had a lot going on since the last lunar eclipse in November, and it’s important to reflect on the changes and the themes that have been continuous since that time. What do you need to let go of for inner peace?


Your subconscious mind is going to be intensely trying to communicate with your conscious mind- so pay attention to the signs your mind, body, and spirit are sending right now. If you are craving comfort and rest, take it. If you need adventure, break free from your comfort zone. Simply pay attention to what is going on within.


Who is standing firmly in your corner Capricorn? During this time, you are going to be thinking a lot about the friendships and networks in your life. Are you spending your time with the right people? Make sure not to overlook those who love you most, and to spend your time wisely, with the people who love and support you.


Your professional life is going to be weighing heavy on your mind during this time, pushing you to re-evaluate where your focus is currently. Whether it’s amping up for that promotion you keep telling yourself you will work towards later in life, or simply choosing another and better fitting career, it’s time for some changes and you can feel that.


This eclipse is taking place in your house of spiritual beliefs, which will ultimately push you to focus on what you are doing for your spiritual growth. Are their old belief systems, mental blocks, and habits that are preventing you from moving forward on your journey? You likely feel a push to align yourself with a greater purpose. Now is the time to accept that push and allow it to guide you.