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Mercury is known as the planet of communication and is referred to as the messenger of the gods. While it is the smallest planet in the solar system, it is also the one that packs the most powerful punch.

Astrologically Mercury is a planet that controls many aspects in our lives. It is a planet of information and when it is in our charts makes for a very interesting situation all around. For those who have not taken the time to dive into the world of astrology, we all have multiple zodiac signs. Based on the time and place we were born we can generate natal charts or birth charts that reveal all of the places/signs the celestial bodies were in the moment we were born. From here we can get to know ourselves on a deeper level than you may have ever truly hoped for.

When it comes to Mercury you should keep in mind that your Mercury sign shows the world how you think and in a lot of ways how you talk as a whole. It has two sides and brings forth strength as well as weakness. To generate your own natal chart click here, once you’ve done so take a peek at your mercury sign below and see what it might have to say about you.

Aries – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Aries it shows us that you are a very to the point kind of person. You do not waste any time and always make sure that things are done right. That being said, you can come across as aggressive to those closest to you which is a bad thing. While you learn quickly, for some reason you do not often see when you’re messing up.

Taurus – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Taurus it makes quite clear how peculiar you are. You as a person are very indecisive and sometimes quite lazy. You like to dig much deeper than most and because of that, it causes you to fall behind.

Gemini – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Gemini we become well aware that you are someone who knows a lot of things about well, everything. You like to educate yourself and go out of your way to learn new stuff. Because you tend to get bored quite easily you’re always pushing your boundaries and going the extra mile.

Cancer – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Cancer we become aware that you are very much an opinionated person. You do not like to be told what to do or how to do it. As a Mercury in Cancer native, you are often the kind to hold a grudge and always remember the things others have said to you.

Leo – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Leo we find that you tend to express yourself more properly than most other people. You know who you are and who you are not on an extreme level. You as a spiritual person are very engrained in your own beliefs and are quite attached to the way you think as a whole.

Virgo – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Virgo shows us that you’re very responsible. You make sure to keep things done and when issues come up you clear things quickly. While not as interested in the research aspects of things, you work hard and always follow through with the things you say you will do.

Libra – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Libra you become quite obvious in a number of ways. You are more relationship inclined and very fair-minded overall. That being said, the more time that passes the more clear it becomes that you put too much into other people. You expect so much that you give far more out than you should in order to find that.

Scorpio – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Scorpio we learn that you are a very fearless individual. You work through all the problems before you and tend to come across as suspicious. People usually find you to be someone they cannot come to when they need something and it tends to really get you down in the dumps. Perhaps your passion gets lost in the sauce.

Sagittarius – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Sagittarius you tend to really be as optimistic as possible. You see the world as it could be rather than for what it is which is both a good and bad thing. It’s like you’re always choosing to see the best in everyone around you and sometimes that works out but other times, it doesn’t.

Capricorn – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Capricorn you reveal to us all that you are not the kind of person who wants other people around all the time. You like your privacy and expect the people who care for you to give it to you. Sure, you tend to get frustrated a bit too easily but overall you’re just trying to get by in this crazy world.

Aquarius – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Aquarius we learn that you are a very expressive person. You always make sure that your message gets across and you don’t mind breaking the rules. The harder people try to beat you the more apparent your drive to win becomes.

Pisces – Mercury

When your Mercury is in Pisces we learn quickly that you are a good listener. You love being there for the people in your life and are always on their side. While it might seem like you’re always seeing everything in life as a competition, the truth is you’re just trying to get ahead in the best ways that you know-how.