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Scorpio is all about getting to the bottom of things for growth and transformation. And with the new moon in Scorpio creeping up on us quickly- the energy is intense.

Each new moon provides a new opportunity for change all by itself because the new moon is about new beginnings. The November fourth new moon will not be any different. When you add to that the energy of Scorpio- things can get deep fast. This energy is going to resonate differently with each of us, depending on our zodiac sign. And if you are wondering what it has in store for you, check out the list below.


Aries, this new moon is going to draw the focus to transformation and expansion in your finances. Try to draw your focus to improving and transforming these areas, and you can’t go wrong. If you are needing more money or need to stabilize your finances, work on manifesting financial abundance during this time.


During this new moon, you are going to have your relationship on your mind, big time. You may be wondering where your relationship is heading, or how you can find deeper fulfillment. If you have been feeling out of place in your relationships, now is the time to get to the bottom of it.


This new moon is going to be all about intellectual affairs. Lately, you’ve been feeling a bit stagnant, so consider this a fresh start to break up the monotony. Find a new project or hobby to expand your mind, and set your focus on it. You cannot go wrong.


As this new moon is under the water sign Scorpio, you are going to feel right at home. During this time, you are going to feel a hyper fixation on diving deeper within to better understand your creative and spiritual self. Try to mesh the two by creating a simple new moon ritual of your own, or explore a new creative endeavor.


This new moon is placing the limelight on change and release. Now is the time to let go of what is no longer serving you, or no longer working to help you reach your goal. Don’t get too overwhelmed though, Leo, the journey is far more important than any destination.


Scorpio is placing a microscope on communication for you. You are going to feel drawn to focus on your relationships, partnerships, and important meetings at work. If you’ve been putting a conversation on hold, now is the time to finally follow through and have that talk. It will go in your favor.


This new moon will put a focus on your income and finances. The investment will likely come up, or a creative project that will allow you to venture out when it comes to money. You may find some pitfalls along the way- but these pitfalls are coming into effect, so you can learn how to turn an obstacle into something meaningful.


This is by far the most powerful new moon of the year for you, as it falls under your sign. Right now, your focus should be on all things personal development. What are the major underlying themes for you right now? What is standing in your way of reaching your most important goals? Asking yourself important questions may sound invasive, but they are important for your growth. Happy Birthday, Scorpio!


As this new moon comes into play, you likely have new information surfacing that is pushing you to change something about your journey. Take this new information and use it to bring out the change you’ve been putting off. While change is scary- it’s important.


This new moon is placing the focus on your social life. You may feel drawn to ask yourself about the people you are surrounding yourself with and for good reason. A wise man once said you are who you surround yourself with. And if you are questioning your crowd, it may be time to do some housecleaning in that regard.


This new moon is going to be urging you to take another look at your career path. If a new opportunity is presenting itself, it’s time to reconsider it. If you are wondering what’s next, it may be time to start venturing out and looking at new opportunities for growth in this area.


The new moon in Scorpio is going to be pushing you to expand your mind. You may be diving deep into new areas of your mind, coming to new realizations, and reexamining old ideas. This is wonderful and during this time, you should focus on ventures of the mind. Have you been holding off on learning something new or taking a new class? Now is the time.