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The time in which the new moon occurs is considered to be a time of new beginnings, starting over, and manifestation. And because each moon occurs under a different sign, they each provide their unique energy to our path.

This particular new moon is under the sign of Libra and began on September 25. Each major cycle of the moon lasts for three days, and the energy surrounding it carries into our lives for weeks. This moon will be no different. Because Libra is a sign that is over balance, fairness, partnerships, and romance, the effects of this moon will vary depending on your zodiac sign. Below, I have listed what the new moon has in store for each of us.


Aries, you are fiercely motivated and independent, but that can come at a cost. You tend to keep people at arm’s length, which can leave you feeling quite lonely. This new moon is pushing you to open up to the ones closest to you, and to take your guard down.


We often hear about self-care and how important it is, and for good reason: self-love is a practice that makes waves throughout our life and one that has endless benefits. With that said, this new moon is pushing you to take some quality time with yourself and pour some love and self-care into your spirit. It’s much needed.


You tend to be pretty hard on yourself, and Mercury retrograde is pushing you to explore the reasons behind this tendency. Oftentimes, our childhood can impact us majorly, and if you already are predisposed to be hard on yourself and your parents push you that much harder, it can be a recipe for disaster. This new moon is pushing you to give yourself some grace and take care of your inner child.


You’ve been holding in a lot of stress, frustration, and hard feelings, trying not to let them out. However, the longer you hold onto these difficult and negative feelings, the more they are going to drag you down. It’s time to let them out and let them go.


Leo, you have a knack for brightening up the world of those that love you most. And in an increasingly dark world, this new moon is pushing you to share this energy with everyone you interact with. Anyone can be rude, cruel, or hateful, but what if you smiled brightly at every person you saw that looked sad? You could change their whole world. The energy of this moon is urging you to pass on that love and compassion to the world.


The Mercury retrograde is in your sign and is pushing you to touch base with yourself. What lessons are re-emerging and on your mind? In what areas of your communication are you feeling off or disconnected? Take note of the changes and themes surrounding you now and focus on what you need to pay attention to.


You tend to bury your emotions and worry about them later, but this same tendency tends to get you in trouble because eventually, you explode. Be wary of holding in too much. Right now is as good a time as ever to clear to air and get real honest about how you feel.


It’s time for some much-needed alone time under this new moon, as the moon is arriving in your 12th house of closure and rest. A lot of change is happening around you fast, and it’s a better time than ever to check in with yourself, process what is going on, and allow yourself to cope with change and loss.


This new moon will aptly enter into and activate your 11th house of community and friendship. Pay attention to the major people playing a role in your life under this new moon. This is the best time to step up in your relationships and begin new friendships. Approach your friendships with balance and they will benefit you tenfold.


It’s time for some much-needed change. You are itching to shed your old skin and start anew and this new moon is pushing you to step into the next chapter of your life. If you are struggling in your career, this moon is likely to push you closer than ever to an opportunity for real progress.


With this new moon arriving into your ninth house of expansion, you will be itching to learn something new or to try a new path. Embrace this urge and take a course or read a book, or go back to school. Whatever it is that you are feeling pushed toward- open yourself to it.


It’s time to let go of the past and move forward, Pisces. While you are rather sentimental, the thing is, you cannot move forward if you are anchored in the past. Let the anchor loose and allow yourself the freedom to move forward to bigger and better things.